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Zodiac engagement rings: 12 unique rocks for each star sign

Nicholas Murphy

If you’re the type of person who religiously searches for their monthly horoscope to see what the planets have in store for you, then perhaps you’ll want to take into account your star sign when it comes to your engagement ring.

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Google searches for ‘zodiac signs engagement ring’ have reportedly increased by 25 per cent in the last 12 months. And since each star sign is said to have different traits, their dream rings would all be very unique. Have we piqued your interest?

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DiamondsByMe and astrologer Inbaal Honigman have revealed exactly what type of engagement ring to suit your star sign, from an Aquarian’s yellow diamond to a heart-shaped rock for Pisces…


“For a sporty Aries that’s always on the go, a petite ring is a must, with a stone that’s set low for practicality. Aries appreciate originality, and they’ll love it if their ring is bespoke, crafted by an up-and- coming designer,” Inbaal explained. It doesn’t get more one-of-a-kind than a vintage half eternity band on two rows.

Vintage eternity engagement ring, £550, Etsy



Taureans reportedly want a traditional ring inspired by previous generations. “As an Earth sign, they enjoy the finer things in life and prefer a high-end purchase with lots of glimmer,” she continued. Tiffany is one of the most popular brands for engagement and wedding rings – and judging by this sparkler, we can see why.

Diamond and platinum engagement ring, £6,400, Tiffany



Geminis are social butterflies, so Inbaal rightly said: “They need a ring that goes with all their party clothes. A straightforward design, classically ageless, and a super sparkly diamond to match their radiant personality.” We’re obsessed with this oval diamond framed by marquise diamond clusters.

Oval and marquise diamond engagement ring, £1,170, Taylor & Hart


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Cancerians reportedly “do things ‘by the book'” and that means a very traditional ring is in order. “If their mothers and grandmothers said ‘yes’ to a Solitaire that’s valued at 2 months’ wages, that is exactly what Cancer would like,” Inbaal said.

Solitaire engagement ring, £3,999, H. Samuel



With a regal lion as their symbol, Leos want an “unapologetically epic” ring that is “a story for the ages,” according to the astrologer. “Generous, eye-catching, and with a stone that can be seen from space”, she added, and this aquamarine rock does not disappoint!

Aquamarine engagement ring, £17,500, Goldsmiths



Practical and functional Virgos “would like to see a ring which symbolizes their ideal marriage – timeless, valuable, and classy.” Go for a classic solitaire with a modern twist with a split shank.

Split shank engagement ring, £4,357.44, Blue Nile



Described as elegant and calm, a Libran will love “three, extra bright, dazzling diamonds in a unique setting.” Enter these round brilliant cut diamonds in an 18ct white gold twist band.

Three stone diamond engagement ring, £925, Purely Diamonds



Scorpios are known for being stylish and curious, which is why Inbaal suggests “gothic influences” with “darker colors or stark contrasts.” We wouldn’t say sapphires are gothic, but the deep blue color alongside white diamonds and yellow gold is certainly eye-catching – just ask the Duchess of Cambridge.

Sapphire and diamond engagement ring, £749, Ernest Jones



As the “ultimate free-spirit”, you’ll need something pretty special for a Sagittarius. “Unusual colors, original combinations and one-of-a-kind bands will help seal the deal,” Inbaal continued, and we’ve tracked down a gorgeous emerald three-stone ring to fit the bill.

Emerald three-stone engagement ring, £1,100, Goldsmiths


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“Steady and anchored, a Capricorn would appreciate a ring whose beauty lasts a lifetime. The greater the investment, the greater the value to a Capricorn, and engagement is not the time to cut corners. The ideal ring would be substantial and extravagant, with a sophisticated edge,” she explained. We’ve got just the ring – a pear-shaped diamond on a sparkly pave band.

Pear-shaped diamond engagement ring, £14,500, Beaverbrooks



The astrologer revealed artistic Aquarians would like to design their own ring, and added: “A yellow diamond set in a quirky platinum ring will put a smile on their face when you propose, even decades later.” It may not be a diamond, but we’ve found the next best thing with a yellow sapphire with your choice of metal, carat and more.

Yellow sapphire engagement ring, £2,051, Angara



For Pisces, who are notoriously romantic, Inbaal suggested: “An ornate band with a heart-shaped diamond would be quite perfect, even more so if surrounded by tiny rubies.” With or without rubies, there’s nothing more romantic than a heart-shaped rock.

Heart-shaped engagement ring, £1,440, Taylor & Hart


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