Zendesk Sale Review – Forbes Advisor


Zendesk Sell is an affordable CRM software for small teams that want an easy-to-use tool to help keep track of customer interactions, whether they’re via email or calls. It is a flexible software that has made it to the list of best CRM software for small business. Zendesk Sell’s price varies based on four plans. Higher-level plans offer more features to improve visibility on pipelines and integration with other applications you use.

If you simply need to keep track of emails and one sales pipeline – the low tier tier costs just $19 per month, if paid annually, per user (up to three users). This plan is feature-based, but includes team collaboration tools, so it works well for small, remote teams. You can keep track of emails, texts, and calls at this level.

When you need to shift the focus to lead capture, bulk emails, and integration of other apps, like Mailchimp for marketing and Zapier for automation, you should consider upgrading to the Professional plan. This tier costs $49 per month, per user, if paid annually, and there is no limit to the number of users you can get on this plan. You’re still tied to a single sales pipeline, but you’ll have access to sales forecasting and goal tracking tools, and you’ll be able to automatically distribute deals and lead your team’s well-rounded style.

Zendesk Sell’s Enterprise plan costs $99 per month, per user, if paid annually. On higher level plans, you will get lead points, automate tasks and can create custom notifications. Your team will also have access to a robotic energy seeker, which can save time on outreach efforts. If you want advanced analytics, unlimited pipelines, and a performance analog dashboard, you’ll need to upgrade to the Elite plan, which costs $199 per month per user paid annually.


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