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Oleso In Kannada it means saving,” explains Mrs. Murudola Joshi, who runs her one-year-old shop in Instagram Together with Mayur Anand of the MEEL Foundation, he helps people take small steps in their pursuit of a sustainable lifestyle. Sharing a similar vision, the duo promise to make sustainable living accessible, economical and meaningful, especially for beginners who are considering where to start their journey.

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Mr. Mrudola explains how things have progressed in his place in the commercial lead, “Beginning during the pandemic, this ongoing initiative is an extension of my personal blog as I write extensively about the various ways to reduce our polluting impact on the planet. Our platform will always be a community-driven marketplace with active participation. With More people have moved towards a sustainable lifestyle lately, and we believe this will be their much-needed guide to zero-waste resources at every stage.”

Links to organizations, recycling services, workshops and environmental crusaders profiles are available on the website to start your waste-free journey. From skincare, healthcare, dental, gardening and menstrual hygiene to stationery, food, home essentials, fitness and fashion accessories – every type of shopper can find their essentials here. “Not only are we focused on helping you reduce the consumption of single-use plastic, but we also provide a helpful perspective on how to help the consumer and support the transition to a more circular economy. By increasing access to resources, consulting and education, by following our candid blogs and free resource initiatives such as Empty Map From the firmness, hundreds of people felt inspired to start their own waste-free journey,” notes Mr. Mrudola.

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Under the Resources section, the site offers insights and literature on various aspects of sustainability. Each product post is self-explanatory with a brief note on usage and customer reviews. As part of their larger cause, the duo also runs initiatives like Project Map to highlight stores that sell out-of-box merchandise. For every bundle-free store location that you contribute to the map project, patrons can win Ullisu Store Planet Points that can be redeemed to purchase zero-waste products.

Using this mode, the duo brought brands from all over the country on board and listed their names on the website to ensure transparency. “Our agenda is to shorten the time from decision to action, for someone choosing a zero-waste lifestyle. Advocating for zero-waste advice is useless without explaining to people how it is done, and making it easier for them. Earlier, it took a year Or two years to see how they can adapt to this way of living. It involves asking in social media groups, facing the judgments of Kemalists, and then finding out from local resources. But now with Ullisu, it takes no more than a week to learn everything,” stresses Mrudula .

The platform offers one-on-one counseling for a nominal amount, and this can help plan your goals according to your unique circumstances, accessibility, and priorities. “We will take care of doing the research, setting goals and recommendations for you. Living sustainably should be as easy and spontaneous as going to the gym. Our primary focus is on building and encouraging more accessible habits (without imposing moral pressure on one to save the planet) They can be affordable and we’ve connected less well-known but not commercially oriented brands. Leave your preconceived notions behind and put in some effort to explore this sustainable world. You can count on us,”

For more information and free resources on sustainable living, follow them on Instagram @ullisu.official



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