Where 9 Emotions Are Felt in the Body, and How Trapping Them Inside Could Affect Our Health


Happiness and love manifest throughout the entire body.

The emotional arousal from feeling joy affects our muscles located in the stomach, intestines, and bladder — hence, the meaning behind the expression, “butterflies in my stomach.”

However, compared to happiness, love was not felt as much in the legs.

Both emotions also release dopamine and serotonin, the feel-good hormones which help regulate our mood and emotion. These 2 neurotransmitters work hand-in-hand in maintaining a chemical balance for the whole body.

Anger is mainly felt in the body’s upper half and can mostly affect the heart.

Perhaps this is the reason why we feel the urge to punch something when we’re upset. The emotional energy gets intense in the arms, and we might feel the need to release it.

Feeling anger also releases adrenaline, which causes our muscles to tighten and our blood pressure to increase. There are also studies linking repressed anger with heart disease and a weakened immune system.



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