Where 9 Emotions Are Felt in the Body, and How Trapping Them Inside Could Affect Our Health


We have a lot of expressions for our emotions — we’re hot-headed when we’re angry, we have a heavy heart when we’re sad, and sometimes we feel like bursting with joy. It turns out that there’s a scientific explanation behind all these phrases, and it has something to do with our feelings targeting certain parts of the body.

So we’ll share relevant information about how unreleased emotions can affect our health. We also prepared tips on how to deal with these suppressed feelings.

“Emotional baggage” is literally trapped feelings that weigh us down and disrupt our bodily functions.

Holistic chiropractor Dr. Bradley Nelson, D.C. explained that pent-up emotions cause vibrations and frequencies in specific parts of the body.

If we don’t process or release them, the energy they create gets stuck inside and may manifest through muscle tension, pain, or other illnesses.

Mind-body therapist Kelly Vincent, PsyD compares confined feelings to “a giant roadblock on the freeway,” which prevents the free flow of energy.

One study mapped out the body sensations associated with each emotion.

A group of Finnish researchers ran 5 online experiments with hundreds of participants from different cultural backgrounds.

The respondents were exposed to stimuli that would generate certain feelings. They were also asked to identify which of their body regions felt activated, and which parts were deactivated upon seeing the emotional triggers.

The team found that the patterns of body sensations were consistent with all the feelings they tested, which means the anatomy map they developed is universal.


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