Elopement Wedding

Wedding vendors expect busy season, more small ceremonies

The upcoming wedding season is looking busier than ever, with fewer COVID-19 restrictions, couples are rescheduling their weddings that were canceled in 2020 and many are opting for smaller weddings over big events.

Packed schedules and higher costs have couples booking vendors two years ahead of time. RosePhoto owner Alicia Willett from Charlevoix, said she has one to two weddings every weekend from May through October and already has weddings scheduled in 2023.

“I think a lot of weddings got postponed with COVID and so a lot of people put them off,” Willett said. “And now it’s, in my opinion, changed the wedding timeline. Before, people used to book just a year in advance and it was enough, whereas now, with so many vendors backed up because of COVID, people are booking two years in advance just to get the vendors that they want. And so I feel like it’s going to take several years to go back to the old pattern where, if you got engaged during that winter, you could book a wedding for that following summer. Whereas now to do that, you just almost have no choice in the vendors because it’s just so backed up.”