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Wedding Survival Kit for Guests Essentials: Mints, Nail Polish, Sewing Kit

In our humble, unmarried opinion, every save the date and invitation should come with a wedding survival kit for guests. Don’t get us wrong—wedding season can be a blast. If you’re in the wedding party, you get to be part of your friend’s special day. And, if you’re attending as a regular guest, it’s an excellent reason to buy several cute new dresses.

But, whether you’re a member of the bridal party, a groomsman, or even a plus-one, your wedding-going experience will benefit immensely if you have a few essential items on hand, including wardrobe-savers like fashion tape and blister pads, breath-refreshers like mouth wash and mints, and, of course, deodorant (because you never want to forget deodorant if you’ll be in mixed company).

With the summer wedding season rapidly approaching and the 2022 wedding boom well underway, it’s a great time to start assembling a DIY wedding day emergency kit (or, depending on how hard you’re planning to party, a wedding hangover kit) of your own. No one’s kit will look exactly the same, but we thought we’d get the ball rolling for you by highlighting some of the most important miscellaneous items you ought to pack for a truly stellar season.

From floss and face masks to battery banks and bandages, below is everything you need to create a wedding survival kit for guests—here’s hoping you leave with some darn good party favors.

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