Classic Wedding

Wedding coming up in the family? #AmpYourAwesome and make every moment count

Two months back when twenty-something year old professionals Ambika Khanna and Suneet Sharma were planning their Big Fat Punjabi wedding in New Delhi, they wanted to do things a bit differently. Outgoing and vivacious, Ambika was far from the coy bride who could stay perched on the stage for a few hours while the list of guests came up and met with them. She wanted to be out there, mingling with everyone, even shaking a leg when her favorite beats played.

A passionate photographer, Suneet is called ‘selfie-king’ by his friends and he wanted to capture every special moment of his special day on his own lens! He was not in favor of getting some old-school photo studio-type photographer to capture memories that they would cherish for a lifetime. So, the couple decided to host a wedding with a difference! “We both did what we loved on our special day and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in the process,” they recalled.

Today’s Gen Z and millennials put all their effort into creating something that is new and unique where making every moment awesome and capturing it becomes all the more important for them. In this journey, the new #AwesomeGalaxyA smartphones from the house of Samsung rise to the occasion with their iconic #NoShakeCam, among an array of other top of the line features that promise to make every moment truly special.

When the D-day arrived, Suneet did just what he loved. He created memories of a lifetime with his new Samsung Galaxy A53 5G. The groom clicked himself with all his loved ones, and even captured his lovely bride Ambika as she danced the evening away! The #NoShakeCam on the smartphone gave stable videos enabled by the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology.

The No Shake Cam in the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is quick to identify any shakes or movement while it is capturing an image or video and compensates for it by moving the sensor in the opposite direction. So, the videos that Suneet took were stable and without any blur even though he was moving around with his Samsung Galaxy A53 5G and dancing to the tunes of his new bride!

Their best photo of the day – a beautiful shot of the newlywed couple – was photobombed by a wedding guest walking over to the other side with a plate filled with dinner in her hand. Using the Object Eraser tool, Ambika almost magically removed the extra details from the pic, enhanced the photo with the AI ​​Image Enhancer and put it up on her social media reel, right from the wedding mandap! She added some more candid shots taken with the cousins ​​in Fun mode, a feature within the camera where you can try out the latest Snapchat lenses.

Samsung recently launched a new 360° campaign #AmpYourAwesome featuring the #NoShakeCam for its #AwesomeGalaxyA series smartphones starring popular actors and youth influencers Shanaya Kapoor and Prit Kamani in an all-new short film. Click here to watch the video.

The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G comes with a multi-lens camera for crisper, clearer, blur-free shots. The 64 MP OIS camera helps capture precious life moments and the Ultra Wide Camera lets you expand your viewing angle to fit in more in every frame, which is just what you need for the big fat Indian shaadi. The camera also comes with a customized focus with the Depth Camera feature and lets you get closer to details with the Macro Camera. The 32 MP front camera, which is Suneet’s absolute fav, lets you take the best selfies for your social media handles and the AI-powered portrait mode helps make every face unique!

Another integral part of any Indian wedding is the food and drinks and this wedding was no different! But, a drink spill on your smartphone can feel very painful, more so if your phone is brand new. Suneet’s Galaxy A53 5G put this feature to a real time test and came out in flying colors, thanks to the IP67 rating for water and dust resistance. Just awesome, isn’t it!

That wasn’t the end of the adventures! Suneet’s brand new Galaxy A53 5G slipped out of his hands, causing a mini panic attack of sorts, but the smartphone miraculously came out totally unharmed! The Gorilla Glass 5 offers added protection for your phone and makes it tougher and less prone to scratches.

The wedding celebrations lasted for well over six hours and the new smartphone’s battery did not disappoint. The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is embedded with a 5000 mAh battery and as per Samsung estimates, the phone will last for two days on a full charge for an average user.

The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G comes in four color options – Awesome Blue, Awesome Black, Awesome White and Awesome Peach to up your style quotient so you can go on and pick the shade that matches your color card for this wedding season. An added bonus? The price tag won’t burn a hole in your pocket, especially with all the wedding outflows. Visit Samsung India webpage to know more.

Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of Samsung by HT Brand Studio