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This royal family member did not approve of King Charles’ wedding to Camilla World News

King Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles married in 2005 after a long time affair even when Charles was married to the late Princess Diana- Prince William and Harry’s mother. A royal biographer, however asserted that not only the public but also one royal family member was not particularly fond of Camilla-now Queen Consort.

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It was the Queen Mother – Queen Elizabeth – grandmother of King Charles. As the Queen Mother was very close to Charles, she was the one who wanted him to be with Princess Diana.

In his book The Queen Mother, Tom Quinn explained that the Queen Mother had even helped in arranging the marriage of King Charles and Princess Diana.

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“Diana’s grandmother, Lady Fermoy, was a great friend of the Queen Mother’s,” They were a similar sort of generation, and they cooked it up between them,” Tom Quinn wrote in his book. The Queen Mother also was against the couple’s divorce.

“The Queen Mother discussed the whole Camilla business with Charles, and she couldn’t really understand why Charles couldn’t have a mistress and somehow find an accommodation with his wife that would mean they didn’t have to get divorced,” Tom Quinn said.

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“When Camilla and Charles made their relationship more formal, the Queen Mother was not pleased at all. “Charles would never have married Camilla had his grandmother been alive,” Tom Quinn added.