The winning duo of Christopher Kane


In a highly competitive market, fashion brands face a complex value chain and multiple challenges. During B2B sales campaigns, your team needs to focus their energy on prospecting, appointments, and sales supervision, not on writing, debugging, or editing. While every brand has a different way of organizing its data, it usually involves manual or automated data entry for updates and editing of pricing, product information, customer data, orders etc.

An integrated ecosystem for a healthy and profitable wholesale business

Implementing a “link” between your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and your B2B system removes the need to manually enter data from your sales process: you’ll benefit from instant data updates. The connector technically integrates data flows between your ERP software and your B2B system. Two-way automated integration of your data allows you to focus on exceeding your business goals.

Example? Zedonk + Le New Black conductor in Christopher Kane

Launched in 2006, Christopher Kane is a brand named after the Scottish designer. They are distributed in select international stores such as MyTheresa, Net-à-Porter and Farfetch. The team must be very reactive during tight sales campaigns at fashion weeks.

To manage its product development and production, the brand has chosen Zedonk ERP, the UK market leader since 2007. Prior to sales, Christopher Kane’s team enters customer, pricing and product data for collection at Zedonk. The sales team then moves on to Le New Black, the French B2B sales management platform that has been a leader in digital wholesale business since 2009. The brand drills into its digital showroom, entering orders on an iPad or online, all using its suite of tools. Digital provided by Le New Black. They can then generate industry-standard paperwork for their clients, order confirmations, delivery notices, initial deposit and commercial invoices. Likewise, inventory is recorded at Zedonk and orders can be taken from inventory at Le New Black. ERP and B2B platform complement each other.

Simple tool and powerful sales team

For automatic data updates in both systems, the Zedonk + Le New Black connector has been prepared. Each system creates .CSV files from its data and transfers them to the other system via FTP (File Transfer Protocol):

  • From Zedonk to Le New Black: customer data, prices, products and stocks.
  • From Le New Black to Zedonk: Requests.

The brand thus benefits from all the benefits of an ERP system, B2B platform and updated software data for its entire sales network. To learn more about the Christopher Kane Foundation and his experience with the Zedonk + Le New Black conductor, attend the “Best Practices: From Group Development to B2B Sales” webinar on 08.02.2022. Register here.


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