The Utah legislature begins its work with basic budgets


listen live: Senate Speaker Stuart Adams joins Dave & Dujanovic just before the start of the 2022 legislative session.

SALT LAKE CITY – The Utah legislature has seven core budgets to pass as it begins its six-week plenary session.

Core budgets take the previous year’s spending as a framework for the coming year. Legislative rules require their distribution on the opening day of the session. It must be passed within the first ten days.

Utah has a unique process for legislative appropriations. There is an executive appropriations committee, made up of party leaders and a few others who allocate funding for each of the seven appropriations subcommittees.

Each member of the House and Senate sits on one of the subcommittees, which sets spending priorities and takes a look at every item in Utah’s $25 billion budget. The work of each subcommittee is incorporated into a final document that is discussed, amended and passed, usually in the last days or even hours of the session.

Governor Spencer Cox issued budget recommendations last month. Legislators are free to include, change, or ignore them as they choose.

Citizens can attend subcommittee meetings or view proceedings online and obtain detailed budget information through the legislature’s website,

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