Elopement Wedding

The Little Vegas Chapel Has A New Desert Elopement For You

Looking for a romantic wedding package for Las Vegas? One stunning idea is to tie the knot in the Little Vegas Chapel in the middle of the remote Nevada desert. Vegas may have a reputation as a place where relationships die (what happens in Vegas…). But it is much more than that; it is also a place where people can knit the bond until “death do they part.”

Vegas is many things. It is Sin City and one of the top places in the nation for wild and fun bachelorette parties. The Little Vegas Chapel is one of the companies that specialize in offering a range of wedding package options. Just outside of Vegas are stunning desert wilderness landscapes just made for timeless wedding photos.


Tie The Knot In The Little Vegas Chapel

Say the vows to the backdrop of a breathtaking outdoor setting and Instagram-worthy location with sweeping mountain views.

While Las Vegas may have a reputation as the Sin City of the country where unsavory things for relationships happen and stay, it can also be a great place for a wedding (aka the opposite of ‘sin’).

The Little Vegas Chapel is available seasonally from October through March (outside the heat of the year when it’s sweltering in the desert). The Little Vegas Chapel is an award-winning wedding chapel in downtown Vegas’ Neon Gateway near the Arts District. It is not far from The Strip; their new wedding package invites almost-newlyweds to the dry lake bed to perform a one-of-a-kind desert ceremony.

The Little Vegas Chapel was first established in 2013 and relocated to its current location in 2019 – a larger historic space. The chapel offers full-service marriage ceremonies, themed weddings, vow renewals, friendship, and pretend ceremonies.

Alternatively, couples can choose from a range of other wedding packages to meet their needs, budget, and romantic dreams.

The Little Vegas Chapel is designed to be a one-stop shop offering photography, floral arrangements, limousine transportation, and other services. They have many wedding packages starting from as low as $249.00 for a simple wedding package. Packages go up to as much as $2,646 for their Desert Elopement Wedding Package.

Wedding couple walking in the desert

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Little Vegas Chapel’s Desert Elopement Wedding Package

They offer different wedding packages, including their Little Vegas Chapel’s Desert Elopement Wedding package. The ceremony package includes a roundtrip in a limousine to the secluded El Dorado Dry Lake Bed (it’s not very far out of Las Vegas).

The package also includes a desert ceremony, an officiant, minimalist decor, wedding music, officiated marriage license, a witness, cider toast flutes, unity sand ceremony, a bouquet, two professional photographers, a video recording of the ceremony, and some other things. like a keepsake marriage license holder.

Couple Getting Married in the desert

  • Price: $2,649
  • Includes: Taxes, Fees, and Gratuities
  • Location: Little Vegas Chapel In Vegas & El Dorado Dry Lake Bed In The Desert

Note that the reservations are subject to weather conditions. The weather can be unbearably hot at times, plus on occasion, it rains in the desert.

The idea is that newlyweds can experience a unique destination and less than a traditional wedding experience. Go home with stunning wedding photos that will capture and preserve the special moments forever. The wedding day is over quickly, but the photos preserve the moment.

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Fun & Exciting Elvis Wedding Options

While most people will like a traditional wedding package, another option is to jazz things up with an Elvis wedding. Shake up the wedding ceremony with an Elvis-themed Las Vegas wedding. These have Elvis Tribute Artists who strive to balance fun and entertaining performance with a sentimental and caring service.

The Elvis wedding packages start at $349 and can include limousine transportation, a walk down the aisle with “Elvis,” “Elvis” serenading, and a marriage license holder keepsake. Weddings don’t always need to be a somber and reflective ceremony – they can have a joyous and festive atmosphere as well.

The Elvis Tribute Artists boast excellent singing abilities along with energetic performances. They can also sing a number of Elvis songs of one’s choosing. The songs include:

  • Love Me Tender
  • Can’t Help Falling In Love
  • Viva Las Vegas
  • Hawaiian Wedding Song
  • Suspicious Minds
  • Always On My Mind

Whatever one’s choice, make sure the wedding day makes memories to last a lifetime. Another thought to consider is to take ideas from other traditional weddings from around the world.