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The 23 Best Yellow Sapphire Engagement Rings of 2022

If you want an engagement ring that is unique but still feels classic, consider getting a yellow sapphire ring. Durable and strong, sapphires are an excellent alternative to diamonds and are just as stunning, to boot. Available in an array of shades, yellow sapphires can be bright and bold or soft and pastel, but regardless of your choice, they will always make a statement without straying too far from the traditional diamond engagement ring.

Yellow sapphires aren’t as common as blue sapphires, which can make them feel a little extra special, particularly if you’re looking for something that feels different from the norm. When searching for the perfect option, know that the color can affect the price. Canary yellow sapphires, which can look bright and close to an orange hue, tend to be pricier than pale yellow options. Rich and deeply hued yellow sapphires are also considered more desirable, but the choice ultimately depends on your personal style.

In general, yellow sapphires are cheaper than diamonds, so if you want a gorgeous ring with a lower price point, this is a good way to go. What’s more, yellow sapphires look beautiful when paired with diamonds, so you can always opt for the best of both worlds with a cluster ring, or a yellow center stone surrounded by smaller diamonds. The best part is that this gemstone pairs nicely with any color metal, especially yellow gold, and stands out in a glittering halo.

If these unique stones sound like your rock of choice, here’s a selection of yellow sapphire engagement rings that you’ll absolutely love.

Dana Walden Dascha Yellow Emerald-Cut Sapphire Engagement Ring

Courtesy of Dana Walden

This stunning emerald-cut yellow sapphire weighs in at just over two carats and sits on top of a hidden halo of sparkling pavé diamonds. The thin gold band only emphasizes the stone.

Fenton Solitaire Yellow Sapphire Original

Courtesy of Fenton

Simple and timeless, this solitaire ring is a great choice for anyone who wants to opt for something more traditional. The yellow sapphire stone adds a nice pop of color.

Gemvara Daniella Ring

Courtesy of Gemvara

The twisting white gold band keeps this one interesting and is perfect for someone who doesn’t want a super delicate ring. The princess cut yellow sapphire is beautiful, but every detail of this ring is customizable if you want something different.

Gemist Hello Gorgeous

Courtesy of Gemist

While this is technically a cocktail ring, we love it as a budget-friendly option. The buttery yellow sapphire stands out enough that the band can be kept simple, but you can also opt for pavé diamonds if you want some extra sparkle.

Bloomingdale’s Yellow Sapphire & Diamond Classic Ring

Courtesy of Bloomingdale’s

Between the polished gold band, the sparkling diamonds, and the yellow sapphire center stone, this ring will literally glow. It’s a classic look, and the colored gemstone really updates it.

Blue Nile Emerald Cut Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Blue Nile

Those who are looking for a pale yellow sapphire will love this option from Blue Nile. The yellow is much more subtle, but there’s no shortage of sparkle, and the band is encrusted in tiny diamonds for a glamorous look.

Julius Cohen Yellow Sapphire Ring

Courtesy of Julius Cohen

Classic and simple, this ring still manages to have a luxurious feel to it. The band features 34 pavé diamonds, and the center yellow sapphire is a nice shade that isn’t too deep but also isn’t too pale.

Fenton Trilogy Yellow Sapphire Original

Courtesy of Fenton

Make a statement with this trilogy ring, which features three perfectly placed stones. The emerald-cut yellow sapphire is a gorgeous color, and the two small diamonds on the side are a nice contrast.

Shane Co. Vintage Yellow Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Shane Co.

Those looking for a vintage-inspired design will love this budget-friendly option. A milgrain design and some pavé diamonds make this piece extremely interesting.

Artemer Yellow Sapphire Ring

Courtesy of Artemer Studio

For a truly unique design, opt for this more modern Artemer piece. An impressive halo and simple gold band make this ring special without feeling too over-the-top.

Courtesy of Long’s

Make a big statement with this one-of-a-kind ring. A very large yellow sapphire center stone sits on a platinum band, and is flanked by diamonds for a ring that no one will soon forget.

Solovey Emerald Cut Yellow Sapphire Ring

Courtesy of Solovey

This ring is another showstopper! Featuring an emerald-cut yellow sapphire that comes in at over five carats, it’s impossible to ignore. The center stone has three small diamond clusters on each side, and even more diamonds along the band.

Poppy Finch Yellow Sapphire Ring

Courtesy of Poppy Finch

Opt for simple and subtle with this delicate ring. It features a yellow sapphire with two small white sapphire stones on each side, on top of the thinnest band out there.

Gemvara Julia Ring

Courtesy of Gemvara

This oval-cut yellow sapphire is an interesting shape and will stand out on your finger. The bedazzled band is also pretty different, making this a more unique option all around.

Steiner’s Amelia Yellow Sapphire Ring

Courtesy of Steiner’s

This stunning design features a yellow sapphire center stone at over two carats, surrounded by a halo of smaller yellow sapphires. The structural band features pavé diamonds for added sparkle.

Bario Neal Avens Asymmetrical Diamond Cushion

Courtesy of Bario Neal

If you want to just incorporate yellow sapphires into your ring, without making it the center stone, this is a beautiful choice. A cushion-cut diamond is the center rock, flanked by yellow sapphires that really make this one feel special.

Samnsue The Dottie Oval Yellow Sapphire Ring

Courtesy of Samnsue

A sunny yellow sapphire ring sitting in the middle of a bunch of sparkling diamonds sounds—and looks—like a dream. This one features a double halo with a wide dome band setting that is just really spectacular.

Alexander Sparks Sunny Sapphire Ring

Courtesy of Alexander Sparks

A yellow cushion-cut sapphire is set in the center of this glamorous ring. White diamonds all around and a split shank further adds to its opulence.

Ken & Dana Design Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Ken & Dana Design

We love the beautiful simplicity of this classic ring that gets an update from the yellow sapphire center stone. Emerald cut diamonds flank each side, and the yellow gold band is the perfect complement.

Fenton Vintage Yellow Sapphire Original

Courtesy of Fenton

This vintage-inspired ring features a gorgeous yellow sapphire center stone. The double halo of white diamonds makes the stone stand out even more and we love the simple band.

Gemist Dainty Brilliance

Courtesy of Gemist

This dainty ring makes the perfect subtle engagement ring. A yellow sapphire stone and a pavé diamond band are just enough to sparkle and shine.

Bario Neal Charta Cluster Sapphire with Andalusite Ring

Courtesy of Bario Neal

This definitely isn’t your typical engagement ring, which is part of what makes it so special. This cluster ring features an emerald-cut yellow sapphire, oval white sapphire, and pear cut andalusite.

Barsky Round Yellow Sapphire Ring

Courtesy of Barsky

Simple but still different, this ring features a sunny yellow sapphire center stone surrounded by small pavé diamonds. The result is a classic yet modern ring.

What to Look for When Buying Yellow Sapphire Engagement Rings


As mentioned, yellow sapphires are cheaper than diamonds and are a great option for those with a specific budget in mind. Prices can range anywhere from $420 to $5,000, offering an array of choices depending on your style and spending limit.


If you’re looking for a ring to stand the test of time, yellow sapphires are a perfect choice! They’re extremely durable and rank a nine out of 10 on the Moh’s scale of hardness (diamonds rank the highest). These stones are great for those who often work with their hands and are worried about possibly scratching or damaging their engagement ring.


  • Yes! Depending on the exact color and saturation of the stone, these rings are quite common and can be bought at a variety of jewelry vendors. The easiest way to shop for a yellow sapphire is to contact a jeweler that has a large assortment of colored stones in their inventory.

  • Yellow sapphires are known to symbolize power, knowledge, wealth, and loving relationships.

  • Yellow sapphires are extremely easy to care for, and only require warm soapy water and a soft brush for cleaning. As with most jewelry, always avoid harsh detergents and bleach around your ring.