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The 20 Best Fake Engagement Rings of 2022

Whether you’re jetting across the world to stroll around an unfamiliar city or you’re heading to an island where you’ll be spending a lot of time near the sand and sea, you might not feel comfortable wearing your expensive and sentimental engagement ring . Still, you might not want to lose that symbol of your relationship while you’re away from home. In these cases, a travel engagement ring is your best option.

Travel engagement rings, or fake engagement rings, are a convincing and inexpensive way to let everyone around you know that you’re engaged without putting your actual engagement ring at risk (they are also a great option for single women who might feel safer with one on). In fact, many newlyweds opt to wear fake engagement rings on their honeymoons so they don’t have to worry about anything happening to their actual rings–whether it be theft or loss.

To help you keep your precious diamond safe no matter where you venture, we’ve researched and selected the top options–keeping clarity, brilliance, and price point in mind. These almost look like the real thing! For a classic and straightforward style, we love the EAMTI Sterling Silver Engagement Ring. For something that sparkles like a real diamond, opt for the TroveCompany 2 Carat Halo Engagement Ring or the MDFUN White Gold Plated Cubic Zirconia.

Read on for the best travel engagement rings.

Courtesy of Etsy

Sport this beauty from the airport to the pool to show off your relationship status without risking loss or damage. This ring features a cushion-cut simulated diamond encircled by a halo of micro pavé-set clear stones. Reviewers rave about how it sparkles almost as true as the real thing.

oval cut travel ring

Courtesy of Amazon

Crafted in sterling silver, the fake diamond features four prongs to keep the stone in place while giving it a more realistic feel. This one is simple, pretty, and just sparkly enough, and at under $20, it’s easily replaceable.

solitaire fake diamond ring

Courtesy of Luxuria

This classic solitaire ring features a Tiffany-inspired band, with a traditional round-cut stone. Set in sterling silver, it’s durable and realistic-looking. It’s sure to fool almost anyone.

teardrop ring

Courtesy of Amazon

If you’re looking for a more unique shape, a pear-cut stone is different and feels modern. The sparkling band and halo are pretty additions, and this one comes with a matching band so that it looks like a complete set.

thin band round solitaire ring

Courtesy of Eve’s Addiction

For those looking for extra sparkle in a classic shape, there’s this round-cut solitaire ring. It features two sparkling bands and a realistic-looking diamond in the center for a simple, yet statement-making look.

barrel ring

Courtesy of Berricle

Between the double band and gorgeous halo shape, this ring is sure to attract at least a little attention. This two-piece ring set is at once striking and understated with a brilliant center stone for an added eye-catching touch.

thin band oval ring

Courtesy of Etsy

This beautiful ring features a thin gold band and a four-carat cubic zirconia stone that is meant to appear almost larger than life. Still, the large stone on its own with just a thin band is feminine and delicate. You can also opt for a variety of other stones at different price points.

double halo ring

Courtesy of Macy’s

A double halo of tiny stones around a round sparkling center stone makes this ring impossible to ignore. It also features a thicker band set in sterling silver for someone who wants something less dainty.

halo ring

Courtesy of Amazon

This ring, featuring a round center stone in a bedazzled cushion-cut halo with a sparkling band is traditional and classic. It’s made with a realistic-looking cubic zirconia stone and feels special without being too much.

Dainty Milgrain Art Deco Bridal Set

Courtesy of Etsy

An oval-cut fake diamond and fine milgrain details on ultra-thin bands give this a vintage, Art Deco feel. The whole set includes three rings for stacking and is just really gorgeous. It’s a bit pricier, as this is one you can easily wear apart as well, making it more versatile.

wedding ring set

Courtesy of Luxuria

This set includes a traditional engagement ring with a round-cut center stone and a matching band to go with it. This is a beautiful set for anyone who wants to wear a fake wedding band as well.

cluster ring

Courtesy of Macy’s

Set in sterling silver, this ring features four small square cubic zirconia stones in a sparkling cushion-cut halo. The thin sparkling band is a pretty addition.

round cut center stone ring

Courtesy of Eve’s Addiction

With a sizable three-carat cubic zirconia round-cut center stone accented by small baguette stones and other round stones, this ring stands out in any crowd—even as a fake.

rose gold ring

Courtesy of Etsy

The rose gold band and the flowery design of this beautiful ring make it both unique and feminine. A round-cut center cubic zirconia stone is accented by leaf-shaped stones for a dainty look.

sparkly ring set

Courtesy of Etsy

Who needs to be subtle when you’re wearing a travel engagement ring? This sparkler features lots of tiny stones on the bands, with a glittering halo and a round-cut center stone. Wear them together or apart.

three stone engagement ring

Courtesy of Amazon

This classic three-stone ring features brilliant-cut Swarovski zirconia stones on a simple band. You can choose to get it in sterling silver, yellow gold, or rose gold.

unique engagement ring

Courtesy of Etsy

This vintage-inspired stunner is perfect for anyone who opted out of a traditional real engagement ring as well. The halo around the oval center stone almost looks like a glittering crown.

sterling silver ring set

Courtesy of Macy’s

If you don’t mind spending more, this Arabella ring set is gorgeous, realistic-looking, and full of classic charm. Lots of tiny stones along the halo and band make this super sparkly.

simple engagement ring

Courtesy of Target

For something timeless, elegant, and perfectly simple, there’s this cubic zirconia ring. It features a sparkly band and a round-cut center stone.

gold band engagement ring

Courtesy of Macy’s

If you prefer gold to silver, then this simple ring is the right choice. With a round-cut center stone and a plain band set in 14K yellow gold, this is a lovely ring for a bit of a higher price point.

What to Look For When Buying a Travel Engagement Ring

The Right Stone

The goal, generally, is to make it look like you’re wearing a real ring from a casual glance. Opt for a cubic zirconia stone for the most inexpensive option that resembles a diamond. Look for eye-catching options that sparkle in the light.

A Good Price Point

Ideally, you don’t want to spend a lot on a travel engagement ring. That way, if anything happens to it, you don’t lose a lot either. You can find plenty of great options for under $50, but if you really want something very convincing, you may have to spend a bit more. Still, you definitely don’t need to—the best travel rings are easily replaceable.


  • Travel engagement rings should look genuine with a passing glance. Anyone who is very familiar with real diamonds will know upon closer inspection that they aren’t real, but they should generally look legitimate with a casual look at them.

  • Some people are worried about losing their ring or having it get stolen while on vacation. They don’t want to worry about their actual ring, but they still want to show the world they’re engaged, so they wear a fake one. In some cases, single women wear travel engagement rings as a safety precaution.

  • No, you can choose an entirely different style if you’d like. This is all personal preference.

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