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Ormond Beach, Florida – (BUSINESS WIRE) –#Adam Morgan—Snappy Kraken, MarTech’s leading company serving financial services professionals, is introducing three new marketing programs in 2022, designed to dramatically accelerate organic business growth: a free series of face-to-face workshops, inaugural financial advisor for marketing Jolt! conference, and $1,000 in advertising credit.

Once a month starting January 19 at 3 PM EST, Snappy Kraken will offer nine free, interactive 90-minute sessions with Snappy Kraken CEO Robert Sophia, who is also an Amazon bestselling author merge. During these workshops, financial advisors and their in-house marketing teams will hone their skills while putting their marketing ideas and theories into practice.

“Finance consultants and marketing professionals do their best to stand out from their competition but we see a lot of consultants get caught up in the nitty-gritty of their campaigns rather than focusing on the true essence of the message they are trying to deliver,” Sophia said. “The workshops will guide participants through a demonstration of the core principles that have fueled the growth of hundreds of Snappy Kraken Consultants will give our users an extra advantage to get attention. These are interactive opportunities that will address pressing questions for advisors, which will be answered by expert marketers as well as their peer group.”

Also debuting this year is Snappy Kraken’s Jolt! Conference in Las Vegas from May 4-6. The three-day event will feature 21 sessions with successful marketers from within financial services as well as leaders in marketing and creative services more broadly such as Adam Morgan, Adobe Executive Creative Director, business innovator and bestselling author. Think like Zuk Ekaterina Walter.

Financial advisors who join Snappy Kraken in January will receive a $1,000 ad credit when they complete three primary marketing activities. This credit will help advisors come up with some new possibilities and equal about 20 new introductions.

Snappy Kraken noted: “Often the biggest obstacle that marketing consultants face successfully has to do with mobilizing the incentive to put the effort into it.” Marketing Director Angel Gonzalez. “So for 2022, Snappy Kraken offers counselors a way to start their year and find the motivation they need.”

To sign up for Blend Out mastery classes, go to the Blend Out Mastery Registration. For more information on Jolt! Conference, go to Jolt Conference. To sign up for a Snappy Kraken membership, visit Snappy Kraken.

About Snappy Kraken

Snappy Kraken is an award-winning marketing technology company that delivers bold and unique marketing automation, online advertising, and marketing campaigns to the financial services industry. Data-informed decision making drives every marketing campaign; Snappy Kraken publicly releases an annual marketing research report that highlights the trends they will use to better serve their members. Recognized by Benzinga in three categories in 2020 as well as by MarTech Breakthrough as the Best Overall Content Marketing Program for three consecutive years. Ranked 3rd in the list of Best FinTech Companies to Work for Financial Planning 2020. At the 2021 Wealth Management Awards, Snappy Kraken won the Social Media Leadership Award for Technology Providers for its annual Marketing Research Report, and the Marketing Automation Award for Technology Providers for its brand Commercial “Cold to Gold Framework”.

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