Season review: O Line


Reviewing the 2021 season in Oregon and looking forward to spring practice.

depth chart
LT: TJ Bass, Son. Dawson Jaramillo, So.; Jonah Miller, the father ; Billy Jaramillo, the father ;
LG: George Mor, SR.; Faww to Lulu, the father ; Charlie Pickard, the father ; Logan Sagabulu, the father. (injury)
c: Alex Forsyth, Son. Jackson Powers Johnson, the father ; Kay Arneson, the father ; Russian Kanin, the father ; Jonathan Dennis, the father. (injury)
RG: Ryan Walk, Son. Marcus Harper II, the father ; Devin Lewis, So.
RT: Stephen Jones, So./Malasala Omavai Laolo, Son. Jilan Jeffers, the father ; Cole Young, R. Fr. Bram Walden, the father. (injury)

appetizersA year after four offensive players started every game in the 2020 season, the Ducks started several players in all five positions on the line over the course of the 2021 season, and only TJ Bass He started all 14 matches. A mixture of injuries – most notably Alex Forsyth And Ryan Walk – The switch of the position led to fluctuations in the line-up; At one point, the Ducks went in six straight games with each featuring five different starts along the streak. Besides injuries to Forsyth Walk, the streak has also seen some changes in its mid-season position, with George Mor And Stephen Jones It moves inside from one point to the next, and the bass moves outside from the bouncer to the interference.

Fortunately, the group had a lot of experience together from the 2020 season, and they were able to adapt quickly. Despite all that turmoil, the Oregon offensive line was one of the most productive in the Pac-12 Conference and a semi-finalist for the Joe Moore Award as the nation’s best. As an offense, the Ducks finished fourth in the league in yards per game (202.36) and third in yards per carry (5.29), and the offensive line allowed 24 sacks in 14 games; An average of 1.71 sacks allowed per game was also fourth in the Pac-12 for the 2021 season.

Reserves: Because of all the shuffling, six players started at least nine games on the streak in 2021 – Forsyth, Walk, Bass, Moore, Jones, and Malasala Omavai Laolo. The other player who started with the ducks on the offensive line was a true beginner Jackson Powers Johnson, who missed some time due to injury late in the year but came back in time to switch sides of the ball and the Alamo Powell started a nosebleed. He was the next guy Dawson JaramilloThe Swiss Army Knife in the mold of the year 2019 Calvin Throckmorton who can play any position on the line. Marcus Harper II He trained extensively with the No. 2 offensive line and played five matches in 2021, and Kay Arneson And Jilan Jeffers Both are key players with the second streak at the end of the season. A handful of liner workers who might have been with that group were sidelined by the injuries they sustained sometime in the fall, including Replying to @LolluoAnd Jonathan DennisAnd Bram Walden And Logan Sagabulu.

developmental band: The ripple effect from those injuries meant that the scouting team’s offensive line had to be a group of iron men, playing pretty much every shot in practice. This included the likes of Russian KaninAnd Charlie PickardAnd Devin LewisAnd Cole Young And Billy Jaramillo. student Jonah Miller He began the season recovering from injury, spent time with the development team and by the end of the season was also getting some cast on the travel team.

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Spring forecast
LT: TJ Bass, SR.; Dawson Jaramillo, Son. Jonah Miller, R. Fr. Billy Jaramillo, R. Fr.
LG: Ryan Walk, Son. Faww to Lulu, the father ; Charlie Pickard, the father.
c: Alex Forsyth, Son. Jackson Powers Johnson, the father ; Russian Kanin, the father ; Jonathan Dennis, the father. (injury)
RG: Stephen Jones, So.; Marcus Harper II, the father ; Cole Young, R. Fr.
RT: Malasala Omavai Laolo, Son. Jilan Jeffers, the father ; Bram Walden, the father. (injury)

what do you want to watch: The Oregon offensive will look very different in 2022 in other locations, but not up front. Despite Moore’s graduation, all of the returning freshmen announced that they intended to return in the fall and compete again for the ducks. In particular, Aumavae-Laulu initially announced that he would be leaving to participate in enlistment, and then announced that he would remain in Oregon, credited with the faith the new coaching staff had built in only a short time. The Ducks have lost some depth in the transfer gate, but with Jaramillo and Powers Johnson back, there is experience behind the freshmen’s return – although the versatility Powers Johnson demonstrated in the bowl game opens up multiple options for his future. Young entrepreneurs such as Dennis, Harper, Lulu, Jeffers, Walden and Miller remain full of talent that the new hires will develop.


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