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Review: Ramada By Wyndham Udaipur–a Worthy Finalist For The Wedding Season Shortlist

With Udaipur as its venerable destination, Ramada by Wyndham Udaipur could well be on your final shortlist for hotels to consider for a Rajasthan wedding.
Ramada by wyndham
Ramada by Wyndham in Udaipur transforms in the nights and comes alive with glittering lights and pristine skies. Image: Vernika Awal

In hospitality, there are some destinations that are, in the inner circles, looked at as the ultimate frontiers for a venture to prove itself. Think of this as a luxury automaker’s predicament in Dubai – or a swashbuckling casino operator’s tryst with Las Vegas. For Indian hospitality ventures, Udaipur is this frontier. A city with some of the biggest names and destinations in hospitality, it could be an understandably daunting task for a venture to enter the city and find its footing.

On top of this, the past two years have significantly altered the course that had so far been charted by the domestic hospitality industry. In (hopefully) the aftermath of the pandemic, the luxury hospitality industry has doubled down on offerings that have become increasingly more professional–and less indulgent, in ways. This, after luxury hotels lowered prices – and built a taste for the indulgence among an audience whose lifestyle affordability has risen significantly in the past half a decade.

In such a market, Ramada by Wyndham makes a case for itself as a destination that doesn’t try to rival the rulers of the upscale Udaipur travel market. Instead, what it seeks to offer is the experience of comfort and convenience for a short business stay – or a close-knit family destination wedding.

Warmth at the end of a day

Ramada by wyndham
The rooms in the hotel are spacious. This is a premium category room with a view of the Monsoon Palace aka Sajjangarh Fort.

To appeal to a large visitor base, Ramada offers an expansive hotel that feels warm, thanks to the use of locally sourced kaya stones in its corridors, walls and rooms. The peak capacity of the hotel is large enough for a sprawling gathering, which makes it well appointed for an increasing appetite for luxury.

It is the use of the warm lighting, coupled with the liberal usage of stone in its interiors, that gives a cosy air to the hotel. Adding to the experience are rooms that are large and spacious, giving you the feeling of being able to breathe easy, at the end of a tiring day.

There is also a fairly well equipped spa, which has trained therapists too – thus giving the hotel’s residents everything that they would want in a rushed trip, or at the end of a long day around the city.

Room to expand

The hotel also has for itself plenty of room to expand its offerings going forward, which leaves the management and ownership with ample scope to step up its services. In a competitive market, this could be vital for a venture to grab a larger share.

Img 4583
Locally sourced kaya stone has been used in the construction of the hotel.

For instance, while the spa’s services are pleasant, minor glitches with the uniformity of the power supply cycle would mean that many of the therapy sessions could get interrupted. Amid a luxurious experience, this could be a setback that may be easily improved upon.

The same applies for the all-day dining destination in the hotel, which serves a hearty spread in breakfasts, and presents plenty of diversity in its offerings to suit a wide range of palates. If you do not wish to step out on one of the days, the culinary staff is well equipped for a pleasant meal.

Img 4581
The hotel has one all day dining restaurant and one bar that serves diverse cuisines.

This offers a solid establishment to build upon, which in turn makes Ramada by Wyndham a potentially thriving property in the city of Udaipur.

A pleasant view, too

Img 4536
From the premium rooms and suites one can soak in this beautiful view.

To sum up, therefore, Ramada by Wyndham, Udaipur is a trustworthy, pleasant destination for a quick dash into the city. You would find the rooms vast and comfortable, the food pleasant, and with views of Sajjangarh Fort making for the icing on the cake, makes it a hotel that could be a worthy destination for you, on your next visit to the tourism crown of Rajasthan.

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