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Psychiatrist examining teenager who fled to Punjab claims receiving death threats from Shehla Raza – Pakistan

A psychiatrist appointed for psychological evaluation of Karachi teenager who is at the center of a free will marriage case has accused Sindh Minister for Women Development Shehla Raza of death threats.

Doctor Fatima Riaz, who is a psychiatrist by profession, was appointed by the Sindh High Court for psychological evaluation of the teenager who allegedly escaped to Punjab and had solemnized free will marriage.

Speaking outside the SHC on Tuesday, Dr Riaz claimed that when she went to the girl’s parents house for her assessment, she was given tea infused with intoxicating substance.

“As I am an approved FCPS psychiatrist, I noticed changes in my behavior,” she said. Dr Riaz said that she got her Urine Toxicology test done which confirmed that she was intoxicated. “I have attached all those reports,” she said.

Dr Riaz claimed that she has been receiving death threats from provincial minister Shehla Raza.

On the other hand, Shehla Raza has rejected all the allegations against saying that she does not even know Dr Riaz. She called all the allegations against her baseless.

Jibran Nasir, who is representing the girl’s parents, claimed that Dr Riaz had levied the same accusations on the prime accused and his family. Now, she is leveling the same accusation on my client, he said.

“We have all her messages saved,” Jibran Nasir said.

He also claimed that Dr. Riaz had been under treatment for some psychological disorder. “It’s her personal life but it has destroyed the sanctity of the examination,” he added.