For Sourcenext, the decision to invest in Pebblebee was in direct response to the company’s consistent innovation, growth potential and strong leadership foundation originated by Pebblebee’s enterprising founder Daniel Daoura. With over one million devices sold and more than 400,000 active customers, Pebblebee has already established itself as a pivotal brand in the industry.

At the core of the partnership between Pebblebee and Sourcenext is the expertise visionary leadership and complementary in product development, growth, and distribution. Sourcenext’s Doug Bieter will assume the role as Pebblebee’s CEO working alongside Daoura who is transitioning to the role of CTO. Together, their respective roles will launch the brand to new heights: Daoura’s engineering expertise will be a foundational asset for product development and innovation while Bieter’s business acumen and experience bringing new products to market will aid in future growth. In addition, Sourcenext’s General Manager (Americas) Joe Miller, will join the Pebblebee Board of Directors.

Armed with its patent portfolio, broad product line and intuitive mobile app, as well as progressive business goals from its strong leadership team, Pebblebee is on track to become the must-have smart tracking solution for both businesses and consumers alike.

CEO and Silicon Valley executive Doug Bieter brings 25 years of experience working for and alongside disruptive brands including TiVo, Dropcam, Nest and eero, facilitating sales through B2C and B2B partnerships. Spurring strategic growth throughout his various leadership roles, Bieter is now poised to similarly elevate Pebblebee’s presence in the precision tracking industry. The company will remain focused on transformation and product development with the belief that innovative technology can serve as a trusted resource when keeping track of your belongings.

“Pebblebee is on the cutting edge of the smart tracking industry through intuitive technology, an extensive patent portfolio and innovation in applications,” said Doug Bieter, CEO, Pebblebee. “The company has brought expertly crafted, sophisticated products to the market since 2014. Now, with leadership expertise in disruptive product launches and an expanded vision on the market landscape, there’s no limit or boundaries to the future of the brand.”

Since its inception by Boeing engineer Daoura, Pebblebee has been principally focused on utilizing its smart technology and, specifically, its premium cloud service that enables precise tracking to positively impact the lives of its customers and raise the standard of what is possible with its solutions.

Backed by 30 issued patents, Pebblebee’s trailblazing cloud service is personalized, easy-to-use and, most importantly, reliable. The mobile app – a visual rendering of how the cloud is in sync with the service and product offerings – allows customers to view the location history of each Pebblebee device, providing pinpoint locations where the device, attached to valuables, has traveled. Pebblebee’s smart devices – including Finder 2.0, Black Card and Found – are expertly crafted with a focus on connection, design and sustainability. Unlike other tracking devices that wind up in a landfill once no longer operational, Pebblebee’s devices are entirely rechargeable. Not only does this make Pebblebee the most environmentally conscious tracking option on the market, but it also begs the question: why would you trust your most valued belongings to a device meant to be discarded after use?

“Harnessing the power of cloud technology is at the core of what sets Pebblebee apart from its competitors,” says Daniel Daoura, CTO and founder, Pebblebee. “From day one, Pebblebee has been tireless in its pursuit to meet consumers’ needs: saving them valuable time, alleviating stress and, most importantly, making sure they keep track of their most-valued belongings. And while we have intuitive devices and a A finely engineered app, Pebblebee will forever be looking ahead to be that trusted sidekick everyone needs saying, ‘Here it is.'”

Having introduced new products annually since 2014, and with more slated to arrive in 2022, Pebblebee is set to become a necessity in consumer and business technological arsenals.

Pebblebee products can be found by visiting the Pebblebee website or via prominent online retailers including Amazon. For more information on Pebblebee, and its range of products, visit or follow along on Instagram.

About Pebblebee
Pebblebee is a technology company with one goal in mind: solving the problem of lost items. Founded in Seattle in 2014 by Boeing engineers, the company makes smart tracking solutions for consumers and businesses around the world so items of value are honestly, never lost. The brand has evolved from tracking devices for pets and wallets to enterprise solutions including insurance and first responders. Sourcenext, the largest distributor and creator of software, hardware, and IoT products in Japan, made a significant investment in the company in 2021. To date, over one million Pebblebee devices have been sold helping end-users find countless items. For more information on Pebblebee and its solutions, visit

About Sourcenext
Sourcenext (Tokyo Stock Exchange, 4344:JP) is the largest distributor and creator of software, hardware, and IoT products in Japan. Founded in 1996, Sourcenext specializes in helping companies like Rosetta Stone and Evernote sell their software products and apps to a market of millions. With the launch of Pocketalk, Sourcenext brought its own products to the world. Through its expertise in user experience, marketing, and customer support, Sourcenext has earned the trust and respect of partners, retailers, and consumers around the world.

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