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Parents’ ‘Consequences’ to Learning Daughter Eloped via Facebook Backed

The internet has thrown its support behind a couple who told their daughter they needed space after they found out on Facebook that she had eloped.

In a post shared on Reddit’s popular Am I The A**hole group, which can be seen here, user Elophthrowawaysdhf explained that he and his wife were shocked when they found out their daughter Toni, 24, had eloped.

The man, 47, said in the Sunday, July 31, post: “It hurts us a lot that she didn’t even tell us she was going to marry or that we could see her get married at all. It also doesn’t help that who she married we met once and only dated for a year. Both my wife and I are hurt.”

Stock image of a couple eloping. The man explained he and his wife were upset their daughter had eloped.

He continued: “We saw Toni today and told her we needed some space. She seemed shocked and asked why. We told her it’s because we are hurt that she ran away.

“Toni got mad and told us that it was her wedding and she can do whatever she wants. My wife told her yes it’s her wedding but there are still consequences with her eloping. Toni called us unsupportive jerks and left.”

A 2022 survey of more than 1,000 engaged US couples by Helzberg Diamond found 62 percent of them are open to considering a scaled-back elopement style wedding. It also found the number of women prepared to go with an elopement-like wedding stood at 69 percent.

The survey found that 26 percent of couples think they are spending too much on weddings.

According to a survey of 7,600 couples by the wedding planning website The Knot, in 2021 Americans spent more than $28,000 on their big day.

The survey also found that people in the US spent an average of $10,000 on a venue.

The poster’s comment attracted a lot of attention in the group and within a few hours, more than 1,400 comments were shared online.

One Reddit user, whose comment was upvoted 14,600 times, said: “You are allowed to be hurt and allowed to want space. Your daughter hurt you even if she didn’t mean to. It sucks not to see your kid get married or find out on Facebook. If you need space then take it.”

Another said: “Yeah, it’s one thing to be impulsive and get caught up in it but then to not even call and say guess what I did? That’s messed up.”

While a third posted: “It is insulting. I nearly got engaged, everything is fine, boyfriend simply didn’t find a ring I’d like before the date and when I told him I had hoped we’d get engaged he told me and I called my mom. I wouldn’t imagine not telling her I got married.”

Newsweek has contacted Elophthrowawaysdhf for comment.

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