DIY Wedding

Our DIY Décor Projects To Help You Remember All The Details Of Your Wedding Day

Let’s be honest: Most of the time, holiday or birthday cards are either thrown away or placed in a storage box, never to be seen again. However, the cards you receive on your wedding day can be extra special. If you didn’t have a guest book, they could remind you of all those in attendance. And, they can contain encouraging notes and advice from loved ones that you may want to remember.

A great way to keep all your wedding cards together is by placing them in a card holder. This DIY is extremely simple, especially if you purchase one from a store like Hallmark. To start, you’ll hole punch two holes in each (using the template provided by Hallmark, so the holes match up). Then, thread them through the ribbon, which you’ll tie in the front. If you want to complete this DIY without buying the holder, all you need is a hole punch, two pieces of thick paper for the front and back, a piece of ribbon, and a piece of paper for the hole punching template.

Once you’ve completed this project, you can display it on a coffee table or in your entryway. If you want to keep the pages permanently open, you can place it on a stand, such as those made for cookbooks (you can find them at stores like Target). Or, you can display the holder with the cover facing up, to open whenever you’re feeling nostalgic.