One last look in 2021


The Washington Post photography editors combed through thousands of photos to find them The most special of 2021. This year’s photos were accompanied by interviews with the photojournalists who took them. The team at Post Reports was inspired by the interviews and photos to look back at the past year.

The 2021 images tell a complex yet exciting story. It was a year of rage and rage climbing walls, tearing down barriers, and rising to reverse reality. But it was also a year of carefully considered judgments and a hasty end to war, mass exodus and candlelight vigils, a year when millions of people decided to take a shot, adventure, and come back to life together.

Perhaps there was, above all, the horror of a deadly disease, a second year of a pandemic that shattered the fabric of everyday life and managed to pit people against one another in ways that defy reason. The usual questions born of insecurity – will we be okay? How can we help each other? – New doubts joined her: is this real? What should I believe? Why don’t people around me believe what I see is true?

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