Newly formed impact housing to fill the void in the home ownership market with achievable solutions for working families


Purchasing a manufacturing facility in Baxley, Georgia, is the first step to providing affordable new homes

Atlanta, January 18 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Atlanta-based EcoVest Capital and Place Properties announced the formation of Impact Housing Group. Impact Housing is the nation’s first fully integrated modular company. Its mission is to provide an affordable home solution for working families in America.

One of the country’s most pressing social needs is to provide affordable housing close to where people work and want to live. As a critical step toward this goal, Impact Housing has acquired a facility in Baxley, Georgia. This facility will be able to aggregate more than 50 affordable single-family homes per month. At this level of production, the factory will create 170 new jobs with a living wage. The location of the facility allows Impact Housing to service the southeast market. In addition, Impact Housing is contracting to build another volumetric modular plant in Oconee, South Carolina, with plans to build a third plant, beginning in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Cecil Phillips, former executive assistant to the governor of Georgia and former president of Atlanta Housing, has been named president and CEO of Impact Housing. Philips has a successful track record of providing affordable housing to students, the armed forces and working families. According to Phillips, “Starting in the Southeast and expanding across the country, Impact Housing will provide high-quality, well-designed housing to serve communities frustrated by the lack of affordable housing for working families. We will provide affordable housing to these markets by developing communities, As well as by selling homes to third party owners and developers.”

Alan Solon is the Chairman and CEO of EcoVest Capital, Inc. , an Atlanta-based real estate investment management firm, and serves as Chairman of the Board of Impact Housing Group. As CEO of EcoVest, Solon focuses on the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) related to sound real estate investment and development projects. Solon says: “For many working-class families, the inventory is too limited for affordable, high-quality new homes to buy in the neighborhoods in which they work and live. The goal of Impact Housing is to provide an answer to the sector’s biggest problem, making attractive, well-built homes in accessible to these families.

It is Phillips and Solon’s shared belief that achievable housing can become a reality in the Lost East by revolutionizing volumetric housing units into modern day solutions that families will be proud to live in and call home. Philips and Solon also believe that you don’t have to sacrifice design and quality for profit. Impact Housing manufactured homes are assembled in-factory and then delivered to site, reducing time and costs per home. With no major improvements in efficiency, productivity, or costs in the housing industry in over 50 years, Phillips and Solon decided to launch Impact Housing where their expertise and experience will lead to a viable solution to the housing crisis in the United States.

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