Elopement Wedding

New wedding elopement venue The Tiny Chateau opens in Jacksonville

A Jacksonville woman is bringing love back to the area, with a new, one of a kind, wedding elopement venue.

Nicole Blizzard opened The Tiny Chateau about a month ago, a venue that gives engaged couples planning to elope the full wedding experience, at a price that doesn’t break their bank account. Couples can customize everything from decor, to the music the bride will walk down the aisle to.

“Our main focus is affordability, and being able to provide a market that is there, but hasn’t been available in this town, which is doing small elopements,” Blizzard said. “Our goal was to help people have a good foot forward in a marriage, you know, building it in a sturdy ground; and I felt people going to a courthouse was not a good way to do that, and I didn’t want people to feel like that was their only option.”