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Monterey Park Restaurant and Rooftop Reopens After Major Renovations

Is there anything more valuable than space? A big room in a good location means infinite possibilities, especially in LA, where despite the sprawl desirable square footage is as rare as rain clouds. And few places in LA have as much space as Luminarias, the massive restaurant, banquet hall, and event space that’s reopening after a multimillion-dollar remodel and full menu evolution on November 2.

Luminarias is a showpiece, a local gem since first opening in 1972, sitting high on top of a hill on the Monterey Park side of the 10-710 interchange, with gorgeous views stretching across the SGV. It has long been a go-to for graduation dinners for Cal State LA and ELAC students, your fun aunt’s wedding reception, and the East LA kid trying to impress a date. And now it moves into the modern era with this reimagining, a total revamp brought by Specialty Restaurants, the group behind Castaway and the killer food hall The Proud Bird, among others.

The new Luminarias leans into a modernist natural aesthetic, with ferns and fronds and all sorts of greenery brushing over wicker, wood, and stone elements. The industrial chandeliers provide a gentle glow, complementing the twinkling city lights visible through the expansive floor-to-ceiling windows. Other fun touches abound, like the original credenza which has been refurbished into the concierge desk, and a section of tables that have swings instead of chairs.