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Man Sparks Debate After Asking His Wife Not To Go To His Son’s Wedding

A man has sparked a heavy debate after revealing that he asked his wife not to go to his son’s wedding.

Posting to the subreddit ‘AITA’ (Am I The A-hole), the man explained that there were three reasons he didn’t want his wife, who is his son’s stepmother, at the wedding.

In his Reddit post, the man wrote that his son had invited him, his wife, and their teenage son to the wedding. He assumed his wife would “politely decline” the invitation, but he was left surprised when she said she was going.

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The man said that his wife and his son’s fiancé haven’t always gotten along.

“My reservations boil down to three main things. First of all, my wife and ‘Will’ [his son’s fiancé] hold each other in mutual contempt,” he wrote in his post.

He claimed to not understand why his wife would agree to attend the wedding if she probably won’t have a good time.

“My wife and son get along, but they are not particularly close, so I don’t think supporting him is her main motivation.”

For the second reason, the man wrote that his wife doesn’t like to fly on planes, and instead of boarding a three-hour flight to the destination where the wedding will be, they’d have to drive.

“I love my family, but being stuck in a car for sixteen hours with a moody teenager is my personal hell,” the man admitted.