Letter to the Editor: Bloomberg’s anti-teacher editorial had no place in the Press Herald


I am very disappointed in the Portland Press Herald to reprint the Bloomberg Opinion’s anti-teacher, anti-union, anti-government editorial (Another View, Jan. 15) calling, among other things, to funnel money to charter schools and ease teacher certification requirements.

This kind of rhetoric leaves public schools with a responsibility to keep the economy and society afloat during the ongoing pandemic and reflects an agenda that capitalizes on disaster to advance the privatization of education.

The irony here is not the teachers’ unions, but COVID-19 and our country’s lack of a comprehensive public health plan that its citizens are committed to for the welfare of all people.

The Press Herald chose to publish this successful article, even though the schools of Maine and Portland have done a tremendous job of staying open to personal learning while facing incredible challenges.

The lack of local context makes this editorial seem far from the norm. If anything, we should honor our teachers for keeping them afloat, providing not only education, but also childcare; food; The physical and emotional safety and basic needs of our children.

Joanna Frankel

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