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Legendary Saratoga Springs Restaurant And Hotel Will Close In ’23

A Spa City mainstay will be closing for good in the New Year.

Saratoga Springs is not only a great place to live, but a destination city for so many when it comes to arts, entertainment, and great food. It is also a prime destination to get married with a myriad of great venues to tie the knot. One of those venues that has hosted that special day for so many, not to mention so many great meals for diners over the years, will be shutting down soon.

Google Maps Streetview

Google Maps Streetview

According to a story from Notes On Napkins, Longfellow’s Hotel and Restaurant will be closing for good in early 2023. Their last day open will be January 22nd and the toughest news is unfortunately 78 employees will be laid off due to the shutdown.

Google Maps Streetview

Google Maps Streetview

Longefellow’s has long been known not only as a destination to dine and gather with friends but also as one of the area’s more popular wedding venues. I don’t think a summer weekend has gone by for me over the last few years where I didn’t see photos popping up on my social media from a wedding reception at the popular venue.

I was not able to find any info about the future of the location, but you have to imagine at that prime spot between Saratoga National and the Race Course, with an impressive complex there may be an opportunity for a new eatery, hotel, and events center to arise at the spot with a new operator.

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