Japanese RPG works together with Cleaver to revolutionize gaming using the play-for-profit model


Cryptocurrencies and video games are rapidly colliding in a whole new world of “play to win” games as part of the larger Web3 movement. The result is that a whole new generation of gaming experiences is being developed, where players are motivated to continue spending time in the gaming environment. The result is that this trend has already bypassed traditional business models in the gaming industry. As the DeFi gaming market shows no signs of slowing down, many are looking for opportunities to join in, actively participating in this new movement. The decision then becomes which game holds the most potential.

One of the main distinguishing factors is the presence of a credible backer, which can indicate that the direction in which the game may venture has a good chance of getting out. Devikins, a blockchain game developed by developers with AAA experience and backed by Klever, makes it one of the newer games worth calling.

Klever’s popularity increased in the TRON ecosystem, as it became known for its proprietary wallet and token KLV. Together, Klever’s participation in the Devikins game could result in a mutually beneficial arrangement, allowing Cleaver to one day surpass the price of TRON and Devikins to offer a gaming experience that players can earn. Klever.io remains one of the project’s main partners, helping the Devikins team develop their blockchain and sitting with them as advisors. Furthermore, while Devikins is currently being developed on the Tron blockchain, plans include moving to the Klever blockchain after launch.

Devikins is played as a mobile game in the Japanese role-playing (JRPG) genre. The game is developed by MoonLabs, creating an ever expanding world with a player first mindset. As a result, each player’s playable character is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), making each player the sole owner of a completely unique playable character with value in the Devikins world and the physical world as well. After this type of JRPG, players will notice many features common to classic games, the waters of nostalgia run deep and the soundtrack is worth listening to.

Where spooky meets wild

The game itself is set so that players can collect playable characters referred to as devikins, each with a fearsome appearance and no less wild personality. Devikins are brought into the game as children, where they must then be trained to unlock value while they reach their fullest potential. When players reach adulthood, they can then gain the opportunity to engage in combat, secure loot, gain prestige, and benefit from other engagement experiences. In addition to the adventure, each Deviken may take part in a sentimental party, allowing parents to order the rebirth of a child.

The number of opportunities to play in Devikins is varied, with two different gameplay mechanics. During childhood, the characters engage in training, similar to the classic Tamagotchi game, to nurture the characters into adulthood. In this period, devikins will take on new missions, adventures, and epic battles, all while earning items. If at any point devikin doesn’t work as expected, the option is there to trade it against the proprietary token in the market.

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Since characters exist as NFTs, the value is taken a step further as anyone, even those who are not players, can collect these creatures, keep them in their wallets or trade them in the market.

Full schedule for 2022

Devikins has already shown promise for an astronomical NFT release, with 300,000 NFT game characters sold just 24 hours after opening. After the big sale, Devikins launched a closed beta for the first phase of the game.

Team 2022 introduces another busy year for the team, which shares a full version of Phases 1 and 2 of the project, along with offering training gameplay and a full RPG experience with character progression and combat.

One of the team members from Devikins talks about the project, inviting players into their ecosystem by saying, “Devikins is a complete package. A fun and engaging RPG with great graphics, an unforgettable soundtrack, and a huge nostalgia factor. It’s all driven by cryptocurrency and NFTS. It’s an R-type A classic PJ that meets the hot, trendy play model.”

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