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Is a Promise Ring An Engagement Ring? | Shelley Wenger

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Both promise and engagement rings are used to show commitment. However, there are some big differences that you should know about before you start looking at rings!

Promise rings are usually meant as commitment, for couples who aren’t ready for marriage. Many promise rings are given as a promise of an engagement ring in the future. However, some friends give promise rings to show how much their friendship means to each other.

Generally, when one proposes with an engagement ring, they are showing the world that they are ready for marriage. Often, couples start planning their wedding shortly after an engagement.

Promise rings are often given as gifts or bought together as a couple, although there aren’t any rules about how they are given. That being said, when people think of engagement rings, they think about a proposal where a man gets down in front of a woman and asks her to marry him. That is still common, although there are times when a woman proposes to a man or, in a same-sex marriage, one or both partners can do the proposing. More and more people are finding creative ways to propose, without getting down on one knee.

There is no specific design when it comes to promise rings. Many have plain bands or colorful stones. Others resemble wedding bands, not engagement rings. Most of them don’t have diamonds.

When it comes down to engagement rings, most of them have a large diamond in the center. That being said, there are many options. Some have diamonds that go around the entire band. Others are made to look antique, while others have a more modern design.

Although promise and engagement rings are to show commitment, a promise ring isn’t an engagement ring. Instead, it is often given as a promise of an engagement ring in the future!

Only you and your significant other can decide which ring is best for you as a couple. Are you ready for a serious commitment and marriage? Then, an engagement ring might be the best one to choose. If you are still young but want to show others that you are off the market, you may prefer to start with a promise ring!