Incredible kitchens are the special problem anyone needs to renovate their kitchen


Incredible Kitchens: The Essential Guide to Renovating and Decorating the Kitchen of Your Dreams.

Do you find yourself a) constantly wishing your kitchen was designed differently b) fascinated by TikToks about their amazing hardware garage and cutlery organizer or c) pinning endless dream kitchen pictures? If the answer is yes to any of the above, you are going to Banana on our latest print edition, Incredible kitchens. No budget for renovation required in the 40+ real kitchens we’ve put together in this issue, but if you want to be As you set out to transform your space, there are over 20 pages of designer tips to help you choose the best cabinetry, hardware, fixtures, appliances, seating, lighting, and more.

If this all sounds familiar, it’s because this is our second Incredible kitchens edition (the first was so popular that it was reissued!). Dive into the basics – our handbook of essential tips for shopping and designing a dream kitchen, all vetted by leading designers and experts – and The Inspiration, a stunning kitchen collection vetted by HB editors. There’s also an in-depth look at what makes a great kitchen layout—hint, it’s not the classic triangle formation—and the most organized and cleverly designed pantry we’ve ever seen.

Interest annoyed? Here are some of the genius ideas we put inside:

  • Hardware shopping secrets from professional kitchen designers (including the range of tools you use Really You need, the best refrigerator door model for your family, and why you might want to invest in two dishwashers)
  • 16 no-fail options for kitchen countertops
  • 5 types of lighting a must-have for every kitchen
  • Why should you Not buy bar stools
  • Paint colors, seating materials, designer-approved light bulb recommendations, and more

    Want beautiful homes? We have a lot. Let’s outperform them together.

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