Elopement Wedding

“I proposed to my boyfriend because weddings are typically about the bride and I wanted to make him feel special too”

A woman shunned conventions and proposed to her boyfriend – because weddings are typically about the bride and she wanted to “make him feel special too”.

Breeanna Lasher, 30, knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with her boyfriend – so she decided to plan the perfect surprise for him.

Shunning expectations that the man proposes, she decided to get down on one knee for now-fiance Jacob Halverson, 29, and pop the question herself.

Breeanna, an elopement photographer, had planned a scenic summer getaway in the Dolomites, Italy, and discreetly filmed the moment she got down on one knee.

Despite the proposal being the reverse way to what is traditional, Breeanna has no regrets and says the moment was perfect – because she got to “make him feel special too”.

Now engaged, the happy couple from Seattle, Washington, are planning their elopement – and Breeanna couldn’t be happier with her decision.

She said: “I was so nervous before, but he didn’t expect it at all!

“I had been planning it since January and had been hiding the ring in my camera drawer for months!

“I had set up the camera but we do lots of photoshoots so he didn’t think anything of it – until I brought out the ring!

“It was just perfect.”

Breeanna and Jacob, an architect, had been together for four years before Breeanna popped the question on September 26.

Having done photoshoots at hundreds of proposals, she knew how to get the perfect setting for her own proposal.

She knew it was more unusual for her to be the woman who proposed to the man – but she didn’t let it hold her back.

Breeanna said: “I wasn’t against being proposed to at all.

“But I know that weddings are so much about the bride.

“Catering to the groom for once is sweet.”

She had actually planned to propose half-way through the holiday rather than on their final night – but after Jacob got food poisoning that day she had to re-schedule.

So she did it on their final night instead and the pair enjoyed their last hours in Venice enjoying a gondola ride and a meal before flying home.

“I did consider proposing in Venice, because I knew we were flying back from there,” she said. “But I thought there’d be too many people.”

She added: “Where I did it was just right because there was nobody around. We had the mountains to ourselves.”

Breeanna said this won’t be the only non-traditional part of their wedding – as they plan to elope and marry in a secret location.

And BreeAnna has no regrets for her decision to propose – saying it was the perfect start to their future marriage.

She said: “I wanted to find a way to make him feel special too and I did.”