How to get a free COVID test kit with Iowa Test


although Iowa Test They no longer have drive-through testing sites, they are still providing free COVID tests to Iowans.

If you’re looking to get a COVID test done at home, but haven’t had any luck finding one at a store, Iowa Test You may be able to help. According to the official website, “Test Iowa is a partnership between the Iowa Department of Public Health and the State Health Laboratory,” His goal is to provide Iowans with free COVID tests.

The Test Iowa website lists the five simple steps required to get a home COVID test kit:

  1. Fill out the form to have a test kit either sent directly to your home, or to get the kit yourself from a pickup location
  2. activation Online test group by providing your information and test group ID
  3. Fill out your sample for testing
  4. Drop it in at a UPS delivery location with a prepaid UPS label, or bring it to a delivery location near you
  5. Get your results via our online patient portal

The Test Iowa website offers a map that includes three different types of pickup locations. There are locations that offer test kit collection only, locations that offer pick-up and drop-off, and locations that offer pick-up and drop-off with same-day delivery to the lab. The four points with same-day lab delivery include:

  • Coralville State Health Laboratory
    • 2490 Crosspark Rd, Coralville
    • Open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm and Saturday from 8 am to noon
  • Johnson County Health Department
    • 855 S Dubuque St, Iowa City
    • Submit your sample by 12:30 PM Monday to Friday for same day delivery to the lab
  • Lin County Public Health
    • 1020 6th Street SE, Cedar Rapids
    • Submit your sample by 2 PM Monday to Friday for delivery to the lab on the same day
  • People’s Community Health Clinic, Inc
    • 905 Franklin Street, Waterloo
    • Submit your sample by 1pm Monday to Friday for delivery to the lab on the same day

Check out the map that lists all the locations across the state here.

How long will it take to get your results? Test Iowa says it should be available within 24 hours of receiving email confirmation that the lab obtained your kit, but it may take a little longer, depending on how high the demand. You can get more information about Test Iowa and order your kit online here.

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