DIY Wedding

How to DIY an overseas pre-wedding photoshoot, Lifestyle News

When the gahmen announced that the borders would be opened for travel (finally!), my husband and I instantly glanced at each other as if to say “overseas pre-wedding shoot eat from?”

We initially gravitated towards getting a pre-wedding shoot package because who doesn’t want someone to bao kah liao? However, it dawned on us that getting a package to do our photoshoot overseas would be very expensive. Instead, by DIY-ing everything ourselves, we managed to shave 30 to 40 percent off the pre-wedding photoshoot package cost.

Interested in saving $$$? Here’s how we embarked on the path less taken.

Pick a destination that’s mainstream enough

I got it. You want to shoot at a magical destination that none of your friends have ever been to. Realistically, that would also mean getting local vendors who specialize in pre-wedding shoots – a possibly uphill task.

While shortlisting potential destinations, we found that certain countries (such as France, Italy, or Australia) are popular for pre-wedding photos, and therefore already have a pool of vendors to choose from.

You might think to yourself – how hard can it be finding a photographer who specializes in weddings to do your pre-wedding photos? Photog is photog, same-same, right? Not necessarily.

Having a photographer who is accustomed to pre-wedding photo shoots would save you a lot of time while shooting as he/she would be experienced enough to guide you through the poses and position you, in addition to knowing the best spots to shoot at.

Research, but also exercise due diligence

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