How Influencer Marketing Survived in 2021


Digital media consumption is steadily increasing. Calculating daily levels from 2012 to 2018, they increased from 5 hours and 37 minutes per person to 6 hours and 45 minutes. This increased further from 2019-21 with reported digital data consumption of around 7.69GB per month, by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. Higher digital media consumption was recorded for Generation Z users. For ages 16 to 24, a typical day is 7 hours and 44 minutes. At the same time, it is becoming clear that digital media consumption is rapidly shifting to smartphones at the expense of desktop computers, laptops and tablets.

These numbers are a clear indication of how the consumption of digital media is rapidly increasing and with it, there has been a rapid increase in influencer marketing in the country. According to reports, influencer marketing was expected to grow to $13.8 billion in 2021, and that number has come true towards the end of the year. The main reasons for this rapid growth in the influencer marketing space are increased consumption of digital media, increased investment in digital media advertising, and technological improvements in social media applications. With such a high acceptance of digital media, content creators and influencers can influence their audience, thus capturing the attention of both audiences and businesses.

How was 2021 for the influencer marketing industry?

With the advent of the second wave of the pandemic, brands had no other choice but to take full advantage of virtual selling. Virtual social media platforms have become the new source of communication and brands have invested heavily in influencer marketing campaigns to capture the huge market with influencers who have strong control over their target groups.

Brands and agencies have also explored new and better creative frontiers with their lavish, cool and humorous ad campaigns. Such campaigns have not only helped brands increase awareness and visibility of their products but also make new relationships possible, such as the three-way relationship between brand, customer and influencers. This means having harmonious and reliable bonds that lead to fair selling and recommendations.

Influencer Marketing Innovations in 2021

One of the main reasons for Influencer Marketing to survive in 2021 is the newer updates and opportunities that have kept the online marketing buzz and momentum alive. Through short and long video content, visual content, live sessions, and 24-hour-based stories, followers are faced with similar type of content and product promotion, time and time again by the influencer, making the audience believe that the products and services have real reviews and therefore want to get their hands on it. on products that influencers use. This helps brands to attract the market through what we can call virtual word of mouth. The trust that influencer marketing can generate is what helps the growth and success of a brand.

Nano and micro influencers are the main drivers of influencer marketing campaigns, leaving the impact and brands they want to have in most of their campaigns. Although these influencers have a lower follower base, brands are now looking for engagement and engagement – which is exactly what they receive from these types of influencers. Plus, they don’t charge much which makes it a win-win situation!

Thanks to Reels, Shorts, and Live Broadcasting sessions, influencers are now more interested in audio and video content than individual visual content. This has resulted in more creative videos, transitions, engaging content, and a better way to spread the word. Listening and creative art allowed brands to easily tap into their target audience.

Influencer Marketing Guidelines introduced in 2021

After influencer marketing gained huge momentum, the government took notice of it and issued new guidelines for the smooth running of the sector, thus providing transparency to the public. ASCI has provided guidelines to ensure that content produced by an influencer is transparent and original. This also helps influencers to gain followers’ trust and be in their eyes to be one true influencer!

Influencers have realized that this market is here to stay, and if they need to survive as well, it is right that they speak their heart out, be consistent with what they recommend and stick to. 2022 will see further growth in the influencer marketing industry with massive technological updates that will renew the way we consume content on social media platforms.



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