Destination Wedding

‘From day one, I knew that she was the one’: Pritom Hasan

Pritom Hasan and Shahtaj Monira Hashem are the talk of the town right now, as they tied the knot in a radiant destination wedding outside Dhaka. The musician turned actor and actress kept their relationship a secret for over five years, announcing it to the world only on the day of their wedding.

The Daily Star caught up with the actor to talk about his new innings in life.

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Congratulations. How and where did you meet Shahtaj?

I actually met her on the sets, while we were shooting the music video for my song “Jadukor”! I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but from the moment we met, I somehow knew that she was the one!

How did you approach her?

After I was sure that she reciprocated my feelings, I went straight to her mother and told her that I wanted to marry her! Truth be told, more than a couple, we were the closest of friends, having the times of our lives.

In a way, you displayed quite the traditional behavior as a couple.

There is a fine line between being traditional, and being able to do whatever you want. We were able to keep our relationship on the down-low for 5 years, because I did not want to pressurize myself or my partner. At the end of the day, we knew that we wanted to be with each other, and that was enough for us.

Why did you tie the knot outside of Dhaka?

My wife (yes, I can say that now!) always wanted a destination wedding, and I wanted to make her happy. At first, we were supposed to have the wedding in Bangkok, but we couldn’t due to the costs. We got married in an intimate setting, with close friends and family. However, we plan to hold a reception in Dhaka in the future, since many of our near and dear ones missed it – for example, Siam bhai could not attend since he was busy promoting “Damal”!

You and Shahtaj have ‘broken’ a lot of hearts! How are you taking the internet frenzy that you two have caused?

(Laughs) Indeed! In all seriousness, we adore our fans, and expect the fact that we will be ‘celebrated’. I am having a kick out of some of the hilarious memes that have emerged out of it as well.

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