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Dublin mum with timeless children’s clothing business: ‘Hand me downs are coming back in fashion’

A Dublin mum who runs a timeless children’s clothing business believes “hand me downs are coming back in fashion”.

ine McGuirk is a mum-of-two, and she first had the idea of ​​starting her business back in 2017 when her firstborn Annabel began to walk.

She was looking for a stylish pair of shoes for her daughter ahead of a wedding and struggled to find the perfect pair.

She couldn’t find what she was looking for, but she thought that there was a gap in the market for “timeless, classic” baby shoes in Ireland.

Aine told the Irish Independent: “My little girl Annabel was taking her first steps, and like every new mom, I wanted her to have an outfit and matching shoes that were super comfortable, stylish, and sophisticated.

“The very first pair of shoes I created were called Annabel, they were baby pink and I’ve kept them in her memory box.”

The success of the Annabel shoes led to Aine launching clothing collections that include dresses, matching bows, matching hats and much more. Everything is bespoke and designed in Ireland with items ethically made by a family business in Portugal.

With Christmas coming up and a festive season with no Covid restrictions, there may be more parties and celebrations – and instead of buying several outfits for each occasion, Aine recommends investing that money into one good outfit that can be used over and over again.

“My children wear their good clothes for Christmas, birthday parties and weddings. The dresses are timeless and never date,” Aine said.

“I think it’s so important to put that extra bit of effort in for family occasions. When children are older, they’ll probably not let you dress them up. I love having two little girls and dressing them up, I’m lucky.

“I’ve a real passion for classic, timeless design so I’m hoping when my daughters, Annabel and Robin look back, that they’ll love their outfits. That’s the ethos of Dainty Bear.

“Our items are made to be cherished and passed on for years to come. People pass on the dresses and the baby grows, even the shoes. The quality is good and they’re not just a purchase for one baby. You can pass them on.

“Hand me downs are coming back in fashion. People are becoming very conscious about sustainability, shopping smaller and more wisely. They might think twice about buying several items and instead buying one or two good ones. If you’re buying Dainty Bear, you’re buying quality.”

Dainty Bear is launching their biggest Christmas collection to date on Thursday, November 3.