DIY Wedding

DIY Wedding decor for a more personal touch

Do-it-yourself (DIY) has grown in popularity in recent years, and it now has a place in our lives in some form or another, including surprise weddings. You can make your wedding a truly memorable occasion by including personal touches. These simple crafts are a great way to spice up the wedding decor and are also quite cost-effective. DIY wedding decorations are a terrific alternative for folks who wish to do their own wedding planning or add a personal touch to the decor. Whether you’re incredibly crafty or not, there are loads of inventive possibilities when it comes to DIY wedding ideas!

Here we bring you 4 wedding decor ideas to add a more personal touch to your D-Day.

1. Customized photobooths

Photobooths have started to become trendy at Indian weddings. And nothing can break the ice at a wedding much more like a photo booth, whether it’s the funny backdrop, the blush-inducing items, or the crazy and goofy themed accessories. A garden-inspired backdrop with floral touch-up and other accessories can also make for a unique eerie photobooth setup.

2. Personalized entrance

The entry to your wedding mandap can set the tone for your entire wedding day. Try using fresh flowers and plants, as well as dried plants and foliage to decorate your entrance. You can also use lanterns, candles, or saplings to create a memorable display. You can even add personalized signage of you and your beloved to make it look creative.

3. Personalized envelope seals

Use these easy seals to add a personal touch to all of your wedding stationery. Make a bespoke seal with your new monogram or just a few numbered ones which can be innovative and fun. You can always acquire adhesive seals instead of hot wax.

4. Personalized centerpieces

These days, personalized centerpieces are very popular. Regardless of the type of personal event you choose to incorporate, your imagination may help your big day feel more like you. You may go wild and play with the most formal of weddings to make them feel intimate, whether you’re searching for a way to show off your new last name, share a few personal, hilarious relationship details with guests, or make your vows even more meaningful.

We hope that all of these DIY wedding inspirations have sparked your imagination. Keep in mind that handcrafted decor never goes out of style and can look just like big-budget productions when you design how you want to decorate everything from your centerpieces to your wedding entrance path.

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