District: A tour around the prep hoops of the district


Friday’s regional high school basketball competition produced a stunning head spinner that spread across the Class 2A landscape with a seismic jolt.

Below are summaries of the region’s competitions.

Boys: Nowata 55, Oklahoma Union 30

The boys’ basketball team at Nowata High pumped their emotional fuel tank full of intensity on Friday night.

Iron Man felt disrespected, belittled, and just plain rowdy about visiting Oklahoma’s Union High, the defending Class 2A state champion.

On paper, the Oklahoma Union emerged as the favorite. Nowata has eaten loss after loss the past few years against the Cougars.

But, Nowata is adamant that it won’t happen again, at least not on Friday.

Nowata walks in with a barrage of three-point shots and pressure on the second-half defense, with a 55-30 homecoming win and a rare win over Noat County boys’ basketball.


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