Classic Wedding

Confectionary Designs makes wedding cakes and more

REHOBOTH — Apple cider donuts have made a big comeback in recent fall seasons, offered at apple orchards all across New England, roadside farm stands, fall festivals and on and on.

When the owners of Confectionary Designs in Rehoboth, Executive Pastry Chef Mark Soliday and Bakery Manager Marie Soliday, decided to get in the apple cider donut game a few years back, Mark created a stepped-up version of the classic to stand out from the crowd. .

Initially, their “apple cider – old fashioned donut” was not a big seller. But this fall, the apple cider donuts are moving fast and almost always gone by day’s end.

“We can’t keep up with it,” said Marie Soliday.

“This year, for some reason, out of the blue,” added Mark Soliday. “It’s something we’ve had on the menu for a while, and it’s one of the products I’m most proud of; we created it ourselves, from scratch. We put a little citric acid in the crust on the outside, so it’s tart like an apple.”

Marie and Mark Soliday at their Rehoboth bakery, Confectionary Designs, on Thursday, Oct.  13, 2022. Confectionary Designs specializes in high-end wedding cakes and pastries.

“It’s really hard competing with nostalgia. You’re in the orchard with your family on a nice sunny day, and that’s what people equate to a cider donut. Here, it’s a little more gourmet and again, it’s tart.”

“With little apple pieces in there,” Marie points out.

“There’s so much more going on in there, but it really didn’t take off right away,” Mark continued. “Now I think people are probably starting to see ours is a little different, and they’ve really taken off.”

Assistant Pastry Chef Daylan Torres prepares old-fashioned apple cider donuts at Confectionary Designs in Rehoboth on Thursday, Oct.  13, 2022.

More seasonal products featured on the menu, which changes every month, include pumpkin cheesecake with a graham-cracker crust, caramelized pecans and cinnamon cream and a pumpkin bunt cake with brown-butter glaze; both come in individual servings and full size.

From painstakingly-detailed custom wedding cakes right down to the donuts, Mark Soliday says his commitment to quality ingredients, skilled execution and fresh-daily products is the through line connecting all Confectionary Designs’ creations.