Elopement Wedding

Columbus wedding officiant for rad couples

Tell us about yourself as the face behind Run to an Elopement?

Run to an Elopement is me, Windi Noble, an effervescent weirdo who loves big and enjoys the human experience. I am married to my favorite human with one adult kid and four cat overlords. Some of my favorite ways to “waste” time include hiking, yoga, daydreaming, pareidolia, reading, traveling and connecting deeply with friends and loved ones. I’m an avid collector of mineral specimens, concert tickets and experiences.

What should readers know about your business?

I have been performing wedding rituals throughout the US for about eight years now. I prepared unique, nontraditional, nondenominational wedding rituals for couples who are seeking a fun and authentic experience. I understand the importance of a meaningful yet entertaining ceremony. Marriage equality is a priority for me so, yeah—there’s that.

What sets you apart from other professional officiants?

I don’t have competitors—I have a community of fellow officiants, and it is my belief that we each bring something special to the table. My services include some uncommon rituals such as ring blessings, meditation, aura cleansing and more. My personality and attentiveness are what set me apart.