Can Microsoft buy Genshin Impact and launch Anime on Xbox?


I heard the news, Microsoft bought via Activision Blizzard, so many fans are wondering what Microsoft could buy next, in particular, parts of Jinshin effect The fan base is wondering if this could be the release key on Xbox Series X/S.

Soon after the release of Jinshin effect On September 28, 2020, miHoYo confirmed that a PS5 version is in development, but stated that there are no plans yet to release the anime game on Xbox Series X/S.

Jinshin effect It also has a Nintendo Switch version in development. And while it hasn’t been released yet, miHoYo planned it from the start, unlike the Xbox version.

With these facts in mind, Microsoft can buy Jinshin effect To bring it to the Xbox and get a good share in the mobile market. as Jinshin effect It is now one of the most popular mobile games with PUBG Mobile, Call o Duty Mobile, Clash of Clans, Pokemon Go, FGO, or Uma Musume.

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Jinshin effect | Version 2.4 Passing Colors In Flight Trailer



Jinshin effect | Version 2.4 Passing Colors In Flight Trailer





Can Microsoft buy? Jinshin effect And edit it on Xbox?

Jinshin effect The developer miHoYo is a Chinese company, and given the laws in China, it’s pretty much impossible for Microsoft to buy miHoYo. Foreign ownership in almost all Chinese industries including the gaming industry is prohibited, and the shareholders must be Chinese. Otherwise it is illegal.

Even if it’s legal, in the event miHoYo ends up in a bad financial position after some blunder and is up for sale, another Chinese giant like Tencent will likely buy it instead. Tencent is now one of the largest gaming companies in the world. With Sony and Microsoft.

Having a game like Jinshin effect In its catalog will certainly help Microsoft and Xbox bring fans of the cartoon. And fans of Japanese games in general. But the takeover scenario is unrealistic.

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