Elopement Wedding

Callan’s Classics offers luxury cars for couples

Last fall on a bright September afternoon, Savannah resident Sherri Anderson drove bride-to-be Casey Hill to Forsyth Park.

Anderson, who co-owns Callan’s Classics, wasn’t Ubering or piloting just any ride — in a restored, eggshell white 1956 Bentley, she conveyed Hill to meet her soon-to-be husband at an intimate outdoor ceremony. Afterwards, Anderson chauffeured the newlyweds around downtown and through River Street.

Hill, who lives in Little Rock, Ark., found Callan’s Classics online while researching elopement options in the Hostess City. Originally, Hill and her husband planned a much larger celebration in Arkansas, but a death in the family required changing plans. Eloping to Savannah became the next best option.

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