DIY Wedding

Bride’s ‘Unique’ DIY Wedding Invitations Have Internet Raving

A former bride shared the interactive invitations she created for her wedding on TikTok where it was viewed more than 10 million times.

What started as a rough sketch of the bride and groom that met in the middle when the invitation was pulled apart transformed into a more polished invite that featured more detail and a finalized version of the artwork in Erin Devine Natter’s video, shared to her TikTok account , @devinebride. Commenters shared their delight with the creative approach to the wedding invitation.

“Made my own wedding invitations but definitely started from the bottom,” Devine Natter’s video caption read.

Although some parts of a do-it-yourself (DIY) project may seem daunting, Brides discussed the option of couples printing their own invitations at home.

Kate Weber, the owner and designer of West + Pine, a paper company that works on invitation templates, told the publication that the cost of a DIY invitation printed from home is the biggest benefit for couples.

“This way you’re not having to pay someone else to do the printing service,” she said.

Couples interested in exploring the DIY route are encouraged to consider the cost of the supplies for the invitations, plan to give themselves time to create the invitations and mail them and think about the supplies that will be needed to create the invitations.

Devine Natter told Newsweek in an email that she works at her business Devine Brides as a fashion illustrator on the side. Full time, she is a product developer at Fair Harbor Clothing, a sustainable fashion company.

“I really wanted a way to incorporate my fashion sketches into my wedding invitations and I was looking to do something interactive,” she explained.

Her first prototype was created in April 2020. After nailing down the mechanics for the invitation, Devine Natter said it took about three weeks to produce all the invitations for her guests.

The final invitation sparked commenters to praise Devine Natter, and some even requested that she sell them.

“So pretty and unique,” one viewer wrote.

Commented another, “Oml you need to like [patent] this design and sell them.”

“These are cute! Please let us know when you start making these commercially,” a commenter wrote.

Before sharing insight into her invitations, Devine Natter said she did not expect she would ever sell them.

“As I hand cut all 75 of them for my own wedding, I swore to never sell them,” she said. “I actually said they were made with blood, sweat and some carpal tunnel when I posted about them last year on my personal Instagram.”

However, she announced in another TikTok video that those interested in buying the invitations can check back to learn more about ordering them.

“I can say that there will be three options for customization with different price points, and right now I will only be taking a limited amount of orders as I get started,” she said.

A woman shared the interactive wedding invitations that she crafted herself in a video on TikTok. The video was viewed more than 10 million times.

Viewers on her other video were excited to see they would have the opportunity to purchase the invitations.

“I’m buying these,” one viewer declared.

Wrote another viewer, “Can’t wait”

In addition to the invitations, Devine Natter said she also DIYed her own centerpieces, an embroidered denim jacket and a portrait of herself and her husband that was displayed at the wedding.

She said she started receiving feedback on her video the day after she first posted it.

“It’s been an honor to see such positive responses and how excited people are about them,” she said.