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Bride Asking Mom to Grow Wedding Flowers as a Joke Goes Viral: ‘Amazing’

A mom has melted hearts online growing flowers for her daughter’s wedding after she asked her as a joke.

A video shared on TikTok by the bride’s sister, under the username Gracemandeville, shows the “amazing” display of flowers the mom grew in her own yard, and all the work that went into the creation, from sprouting to blooming.

A stock image shows a flower display. A mom has melted hearts online growing flowers for her daughter’s wedding, after she asked her as a joke.
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The clip comes with a caption that says: “A year ago my sister @Amelia Mandeville made a joke asking my mum to grow her wedding flowers (seeing as we have such a big garden) 😂…. And with absolutely no experience ( I don’t think she had ever grown a flower before) my mum set to it and my god did she do an amazing job!!”

According to a survey by wedding planners The Knot, the average cost of flowers at nuptials was around $2,300 in 2021. This was an increase from 2019, when it was $2,000, which is likely due to the pandemic-related flower shortage.

The Knot says that the main reason why wedding flowers are so expensive is that you’re paying for the service as well as the flowers. It also depends on the type of flower you choose and the month of your wedding, as flowers out of season are more expensive.

The clip, first posted on TikTok on Thursday, has so far been viewed more than 133,900 times and liked over 14,000 times, with most users finding the flowers incredible.

One TikToker Lilly Mallen wrote: “Wow, that flower is so beautiful,” while littlepecan commented: “they are amazing. Well done Mum! can you ask her where she got those big planters?! just what I’d like instead of building raised beds!!”

Another TikToker Harriet Jane Mitchell wrote: “what an act of love and now a treasured memory,” and Lash_Goddess commented: “Amazing mum.”

Helen Taylor wrote: “That’s so special, so much love and commitment has gone into those beautiful flowers.”

Another TikToker Jennifer commented: “Wow go your mum she did an incredible job.” And Sarah Gledhill wrote: “omg I will totally be this type of mum one day. love love. how amazing.”

Alia_lyonfire posted: “That’s so special. She will be surrounded by love.” And GingerAllOver wrote: “Wow what an amazing mum! The things mothers do for us.”

Newsweek reached out to Gracemandeville for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

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