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Boulder Flatts Venue opens in Grand Island

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) – If wedding bells are in your future, there’s a new venue called “Boulder Flatts” that’s now open in Grand Island. The family-owned business went through a three-year process, including construction and COVID challenges. The venue has a neutral color scheme to provide flexibility for more than just weddings. It also has an upstairs lounge with a groomsman room and bridal suite for the brides to be.

“It was a huge family project for us,” said Manager at Boulder Flatts, McKenzie Brown. “It’s my mom and my dad, and my two brothers and then myself. And it was just something we had an idea about. We didn’t know if we could do it. And we just decided to kind of take that risk together as a family. And the result was better than we could’ve ever hoped for.”

Brown and her siblings got engaged around the same time, and couldn’t find a venue they loved; which sparked the idea for this venue.

“We also knew talking to the community, that it was something that was definitely needed in the Grand Island community,” Brown said. “After doing a lot of discussion with each other and a lot of our friends and family. We used a lot of social media as well. It’s just something we decided that we wanted to take a risk on and Grand Island hopefully will love.”

When they listened Grand Island residents responded by asking for a more spacious venue.

“People have just told us that there’s not really a facility in Grand Island that’s big enough for all different kinds of events,” Brown said. “There’s a lot of beautiful facilities in Grand Island for sure. But you never know, ‘is your theme kind of leaning towards rustic, is it that modern, luxury.’”

Their facility is designed to give people the space and ability to make any event special.

“We have those presentation screens. we have a state of the art lighting and sound system,” Brown said. “We just wanted to provide everything that you needed for any type of event. We didn’t want to just limit ourselves to weddings. We didn’t want to just limit ourselves to corporate events. We just wanted to open ourselves to all sorts of things for the Grand Island community.”

A lot of people have expressed interest in booking the venue before it was built. Some have booked two years in advance.