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Best Movies Coming to Prime Video in November 2022

With spooky season winding down and the month of November approaching, Prime Video has released their new lineup of exciting upcoming films. The popular streaming platform is ushering in a diverse selection of buzzed about titles, with both new and familiar faces headlining the projects. Fans of superstar Harry Styles have eagerly awaited his latest project after the media circus surrounding it Don’t Worry Darling, and the performer is set to appear in the romantic drama My Policemanwhich follows the secret love affair between a married policeman and curator in the 1950s.


America’s sweetheart Kristen Bell joins forces with Allison Janney for the uproarious comedy The People We Hate at the Wedding, chronicling the chaos that ensues amongst a dysfunctional family at a week-long destination wedding. Other new titles landing on the platform include the documentary Good Night Oppy and the Peter Dinklageled romantic musical drama Cyrano. Regardless of your genre preference, Prime Video will be sure to satisfy your needs. These are the best movies coming to Prime Video in November 2022.

My Policeman (Nov. 4)

Musical sensation Harry Styles appears alongside The Crown‘s Emma Corrin and David Dawson in the highly-anticipated romantic drama My Policeman, which tells the poignant story of the secret love-affair between a married policeman and a museum curator in 1950s Britain. Chronicling the pair’s forbidden love over the course of multiple decades and the domino effect it had on those closest to them, the stirring picture is an adaptation of the Bethan Roberts novel of the same name and debuted to major fanfare upon its worldwide premiere.

On tackling the heavy role, Styles told Howard Stern he felt “vulnerable” and said, “It was very, very easy because all three of those younger actors are very open — they don’t make acting difficult and they don’t make the process of filmmaking difficult.”

Autumn Beat (Nov. 10)

The Italian coming-of-age drama Autumn Beat focuses on brothers and aspiring Milan rappers Paco (Abby 6ix) and Tito (Hamed Seydou) as they combine their impressive talents to break into the music world and leave their mark on the industry and world. Chronicling their three-decade journey both personally and professionally, the uplifting film is the directorial debut of author and screenwriter Antonio Dikele Distefano.

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Autumn Beat showcases the lives of these two second-generation Italians as they fight to make it in show business. The brothers’ bond is further tested when they find themselves falling for the same woman, a complication that threatens the musicians’ hard work and dreams of achieving success together.

La Caida / Dive (Nov. 11)

Lucía Puenzo directed the thought-provoking Spanish sports drama Caida/Dive Day, centering on veteran competitive diver Mariel as she attempts to finally achieve her goal of making it to the Olympics, a prestigious honor that had heartbreakingly eluded her in the past. The engaging picture delves into Mariel’s relationship with those both in and outside the swimming world, yielding a career-defining performance by actress Karla Souza as the determined athlete; Mariel is faced with personal questions and insecurities regarding her talent as a diver and her life’s trajectory outside the sport.

The People We Hate at the Wedding (Nov. 18)

Adapted from the Grant Griner novel of the wonderful same name, the upcoming comedy The People We Hate at the Wedding features a star-studded cast led by Kristen Bell, Allison Janney, and Ben Platt, and follows a dysfunctional blended family as they attend the wedding of their rich half-sister at a lavish English estate. Struggling siblings Alice and Paul begrudgingly agree to attend the fancy soirée with their mother Donna, and throughout the exciting week the trio are faced with old wounds and emotions that force them to reconnect and work through their issues.

Good Night Oppy (Nov. 23)

Ryan White directed the visually stunning documentary Good Night Oppy, depicting the wondrous real-life tale of the Mars rover Opportunity that landed on the red planet in 2004 with the expected life span of 90 sols (roughly three months), only to vastly exceed expectations and ultimately explore Mars for 15 years.

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Featuring breathtaking footage, brilliant technology, and a captivating soundtrack, the film is narrated by Angela Bassett and is a thought-provoking look at the groundbreaking journey the affectionately named Oppy experienced. In their glowing review of the revealing picture, Variety wrote, “For large segments of its running time, Good Night Oppy is more than just a documentary; it’s an animated film as well — and a hugely entertaining one at that.” In many ways, this is like a real-life documentary about WALL-E, and is wonderful as a result.

Cyrano (Nov. 23)

Game of Thrones fan-favorite Peter Dinklage delivers a superb performance in the 2021 romantic musical drama Cyrano, a retelling of the Edmond Rostand play that centers on the charming titular wordsmith as he struggles with feelings of inadequacy for the object of his affection, who falls for another man.

Dinklage steals the show as the beloved novelist, earning numerous accolades including a Golden Globe and Satellite Awards nomination; the seasoned actor had previously portrayed the character in the 2018 stage musical adaptation. Despite a lackluster turnout at the box office, the Joe Wright-directed drama was praised for breathing new life into the classic tale and for its exceptional soundtrack and performances.

Angel Falls Christmas (Nov. 29)

With the holidays just around the corner, what better way to embrace the festive spirit than with a feel-good Hallmark original movie? The 2021 romantic drama Angel Falls Christmas stars Chad Michael Murray and Jessica Lowndes and tells the wholesome story of workaholic surgeon Ally who finds her life turned upside down when her fiancé dumps her due to her lack of work/life balance; the driven woman is subsequently visited by angel Gabriel (Murray) to help get her on the right path, and naturally sparks fly between the two. The warm and fuzzy flick is sure to get you ready for Christmas and feeling the holiday magic.