Elopement Wedding

Barkha lashes out at Adhik and Pakhi

The latest episode of Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna and Sudhanshu Pandey starrer Anupamaa begins with Anuj, Anupamaa, Pakhi and Adhik reaching the Kapadia house. Barkha gets irritated seeing Adhik and Pakhi married. She screams and Anu wakes up. Anuj-Anupamaa asks Choti Anu to go to her room.

Barkha goes on screaming at Pakhi and Adhik. Ankush tries to stop Barkha but she goes on bashing Adhik, Pakhi. Barkha says people are gossiping that her brother eloped and married, Vanraj kicked them out of the house.

Barkha says that their wedding will not last long. Barkha says a boy who roams with a new girl every day can never be loyal. Barkha asks Adhik and Pakhi to get out of Kapadia house. Anupamaa tells Barkha that she and Anuj have taken their responsibility. Anuj says they should go inside. As they enter, Anupamaa gets emotional thinking that she can’t even welcome her kids.

Anuj tells Adhik and Pakhi that they should behave well and get the support of their families. Adhik and Pakhi go to take Ankush and Barkha’s blessings. Barkha shouts again. Adhik hugs her but Barkha lashes out at them.

She says that Adhik and Pakhi’s wedding will not last for a year also. She warns Pakhi that Adhik will break her trust. Barkha says she will never bless them. Barkha challenges that their marriage will not see its first wedding anniversary.

Anuj asks Adhik to take Pakhi to his room. Adhik and Pakhi take Anuj’s blessings and then go to Anupamaa. Anupamaa talks to them about marriage. She tells them that they have to make this marriage a successful one.

She asks them to think about their future. Adhik and Pakhi thank everyone for supporting them. Anupamaa tells Anuj that he took their responsibility and hence he should look after them.

Anupamaa leaves and cries thinking about Pakhi.