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local service business?

Don’t worry about SEO.

It sounds crazy, because every marketing company on the planet drives the need for SEO or SEO. That is, how high you appear on Google or other search engines when someone searches for a keyword.

But the companies that pay this do so because they make money, and a lot of them are, selling the service, or trying to convince you to buy a new website. And yes, there are times when it can be important. If you’re selling a good, something that others can easily sell, and they’re doing it over a large area, SEO can be a difference maker. Do you sell teddy bears and can you ship them nationwide? You want to get as high as possible in this quest.

But for most small businesses, marketing is in a much smaller area, and is often service related. Restaurant, gift shop, local electrician, day spa, and similar businesses do not earn much visibility at the top of search results based on SEO. Basically, snake oil. SEO looks good, but it won’t make any real difference to the end result.

why? Because your geographic area is limited, buyers make purchasing decisions based on referrals and recommendations more often than choosing from strangers in a Google search. The people their friends have used, the quality of the content (articles, images, posts) on social media and reviews mean a lot more than SEO.

Ultimately, search engine optimization (SEO) is easy money for marketing companies but of limited value for small businesses.

Instead, follow this basic marketing breakdown, and do it at home, or hire a professional to do it for you:

1. Content creation. New quality content is king. Real posts, articles, real customer profiles, and accurate photos. Don’t cover anything up, a customer who was disappointed with the entrance they received didn’t seem like a photoshopped photo would cost you more money than a shiny fake photo would earn. be realistic.

2. Be personal. People like to buy from people. Don’t hide. Tell them who you are, share your story.

3. Make friends with other companies. Even competitors. Be part of the business community, embrace it. Post about your experiences around town and your involvement in the area.

4. Respect your audience. Make your posts helpful. Multiple posts that don’t add substance to your story or add value to your customer base over time will be discarded, limiting your reach.

5. Post regularly. Don’t go weeks without social media posts or email communication. Keep your customer base informed, they care and want you to succeed.

Your regular and unique content actually acts as SEO: Google and search engines are ahead of marketing companies; They search for regular, up-to-date, high-quality content via some keyword related to a website and they call it search engine optimization (SEO).

Ultimately, don’t worry about SEO if you are a small local business owner. Create content, make sure it’s quality and informative, be personal, and post it regularly. In the end, it will gain you clients and help your business grow.

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