An Ancient Japanese Method That Promises to Treat Our Body With Only a Hand Massage


The ancient Japanese art of Jin Shin Jyutsu believes that every issue in the human body has its roots in tension. And the best way to get rid of that tension is by clearing the blocked energy pathways through hand massages. According to this practice, every finger is connected to certain organs and emotions. So, all we need to do is apply pressure and gently massage our fingers and hands in order to feel relief from a certain problem.

We would like to provide a guide for hand pressure points that will help your body feel better.

1. The 5 fingers

Generally, these are the organs every finger is connected to and the issues they can help alleviate:

  • Thumb: it is connected to the stomach and the spleen and can help with digestion issues and headaches. It can also aid with digestion issues and depression.
  • Index: it is connected to the bladder and kidneys. It can help with back pain and toothache as well as with frustration, fear, and elbow and upper arm discomfort.
  • Middle finger: it is connected with our gallbladder and our liver and can help with fatigue, eye strain, and a dry cough. It can also assist us with anger, irritability, indecisiveness, and instability.
  • Ring finger: it is connected with our liver and large intestine and can help with breathing and letting go of things. It can also help us with grief, negativity, and lack of common sense.
  • The pinkie: it is connected to the heart and the small intestine and can assist with a sore throat and calming of nerves. Mentally it can help us with insecurities and confusion.

2. The tip of each finger

Also known as dispersions, applying pressure on the 5 fingertips can help you tackle your usual flu symptoms, like fever and sore throat. Your thumb is connected to your diaphragm, your index and middle finger to your head, your ring finger to your ears, and your pinkie to your solar plexus. What you can do is pinch the tip of every finger for about 20 seconds at a time. It is believed by some practitioners that this method can help with epilepsy and even comas.

3. The 4 joints

These 4 pressure points are located between the 2nd and 3rd knuckle and they are connected with our eyes and ears. Tired eyes, pain in the eyes, ringing of the ears and ear pain can be alleviated by massaging these finger areas. Also, fans of acupressure believe that these points can help with digestive problems, especially for kids.

4. The lung meridian

This area covers all the space from the tip of your thumb to past the crease of your wrist. There are quite a few pressure spots along the way and you can press all or some of them. The symptoms that can be treated are those of a common cold, including sore throat, sneezing, and chills. This area is also connected to the spinal cord, which means that it can help with spinal pain.

5. The Heart 7 point

This point is ideal for anxiety relief and there is proof to back that claim since a 2017 study has provided us with enough affirmation. According to their findings, people who were given a hand massage before undergoing a heart procedure were less anxious about the surgery. The Heart 7 point in particular is located just under the wrist crease on the outer side. You can massage these points on both hands for 1 minute each and feel its relief.

6. The inner and outer gate point

In order to find this point, you’ll need to use your three fingers to measure one inch down the wrist. There, at the center of the wrist, you can find your inner gate point that you can firmly massage. Nausea, stomach pain, and digestive problems are some of the issues that could be relieved. This specific point can also help with headaches and even treat them for good, according to this review.

7. The hand valley point

This point is located between your index finger and your thumb and it is believed to be ideal for pain relief. Some of the areas it can help with are migraines, shoulder pain, teeth pain, and neck pain. Also, a small study found that within 6 weeks of repeated reflexology treatments, people were helped a lot with constipation.

8. The base of thumb point

This is the point located right at the bottom of your thumb just when you reach the crease of your wrist. By applying pressure on this point, you can help your body with breathing issues and possible respiratory problems. It is also believed that this point can help you be happy by regulating your emotions.

9. The Small Intestine 3

This very useful point can be found right at the end of your pinkie and above the biggest crease of your palm. If pressed firmly it can help with various types of pain, such as earache, headaches, and neck pain. This is also the point that balances the energy between the bladder and the liver. Lastly, it can help you be more assertive, independent, strong, and patient.


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